15 Blue Curved Sofas to Style a Luxe Room

Blue curved sofas have edges curving outward in a distinctive shape. Use a curved sofa with an arching backrest for an elegantly styled room. What is a curved sofa? A curved sofa has an arching backrest that provides a softening of the room. Contrast to the sharp lines and rigid corners of the room. Curved sofas add a mix of glam and art deco vibes to the home. We share the best blue upholstered curved sofas for your home in today’s post.      

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Round sofas go by an assorted number of names. Some names for curved sofas include crescent couches, conversation sofas, rounded couches, and circular couches, to name a few. These curved sofas are available in many curved shapes and sizes as well. Design details vary with round sofas. Included often in the sofa embellishments are button-tufted details. A couch that curves is known as a curved sofa. 

History of Curved Sofas – Blue Curved Sofas

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During the 1950s and 1960s, the most popular decor style was Danish and mid-century modern furniture styles. Mid-century modern had straight, clean lines. Modern furniture like the tulip table and chairs were very popular. The trend in curved furniture emerged in the 1970s. Curved sofas and chairs were a departure from the harder, cleaner lines of the 50s and 60s modern furniture. Designers embraced a softer, rounder aesthetic of curved furniture. It became popular during the 1970s when curved furniture was initially introduced.

The maximalist furniture period in the 1970s and 1980s was when curved furniture made its appearance. The trend first appeared in restaurants, bars, and boutique hotels. Making its way into retail home decor stores for the public.

Reemerged within the last 3 years, curved furniture is a big hit today. Attracted to curved lines and round forms, people prefer curved lines to straight edges. Curves are more pleasing to the eye. Many view this as calmness and security. Big in interior design shops are the rounded corners, and softer edges with arched shapes. Curves bring a softening to a room. It makes for a more pleasing view.

Styling Blue Curved Sofas

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Style a small living room with a curved sofa. The circular design allows space around and in front of the sofa. Ultimately, you increase your seating and enlarge the area around the sofa. 

There are several approaches to styling your circular sofa. Here are a few options to consider:  

Pull your sofa away from the walls to the center of the room. Add visual interest with a beautiful curved sofa. Continue to style furnishings around the sofa. 

Position the sofa along a curved wall, arched window, or arched hallway in areas with more space. The idea is to add the sofa in a parallel fashion. 

Place your curvy sofa with a corner behind it. Fill empty spaces. Use an interesting floor lamp, an indoor houseplant, or sculpture artwork. Find a narrow, taller accent piece for the unused corner space.

Style the sofa across from a focal point in the room. A fireplace, artwork, wall treatment, or accent furniture piece could be the focal point of the room. 

Repeat the sofa’s shape in another part of the room.

Take advantage of the circular shape of a curved sofa. Select rounded furniture pieces like sofas, chairs, and tables that flow with space. Maximize space usage by designing your rooms smartly. Eliminate cutting space out. Remember, square edges and lines can cut a room down. This could make the room appear smaller and inadequate. 

Benefits of Curved Sofas

Curved sofas work well in small living spaces. They allow for extra room in front of and around the sofa. The curvature of the sofa creates a natural flow in the room. Linear sofas tend to divide rooms into separate entities. 

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Add coziness to a living room with a curved sofa. It brings an inclusiveness and welcoming feel to a room. Curvy sofas work in many decor styles and home types.  

Pair a blue sofa with other colored furnishings. Blue colors work well with other colors. Style blue with silver and grey colors for a complementary palette. Mix blue with contrasting tones of orange and yellow. Blue and green colors are often used together. And for national holidays, red, white, and blue are used to represent the country. Blue is seen as an inspirational, imaginative, and sensitive color. The color blue represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence.    

Popular Sofa Styles – Blue Curved Sofas

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One of the most popular sofas today is the sectional. Reconfiguring a sectional into one’s personal home is highly desirable. Arrange a sectional sofa with different configurations. Allows independent pieces to be arranged according to the size of your living space. Fit into different room layouts to obtain space optimization is key. This is what a sectional sofa delivers and explains the popularity of the sectional.

Another name for a sectional sofa is called modular. These two are used interchangeably. Some consider these sofas the same type. But a modular sofa offers more flexibility. It can be set up in a variety of ways. In contrast, a sectional sofa can only be assembled in a specific way. There are many parts of sectionals. These are a few of the parts. Chaise, L-shaped, U-shaped, stationary, modular, and reclining sectionals are the most used sectional pieces.   

Currently, the top trending sofa styles for the year are Boucle, Roll Arm, Togo, Chesterfield, and a small double sofa bed.

Sofa Types – Blue Curved Sofas

Available in different types and styles, there is no shortage of sofa types. There are numerous types of sofas, too many to mention here. Included is a short list of the more popular ones. 

Sectional Sofa

A Sectional Sofa uses several pieces or “sections” to form a sofa. Moving a large sofa may seem monumental. Moving piece by piece separately is easier.

Camelback Sofa

Sofas with arched back and curved armrests are called Camelback sofas. 

Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield sofa has a tufted backside with decorative nailhead trims. And has rolled arms for armrests. Seen often in private men’s clubs. 

Cabriole Sofa

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Bastille Sofa

Inspired by the late French 18th-century carriage, the Cabriole Sofa resembles the interior seat. Pulled by a single horse, the carriage seat was replicated as a sofa. The upholstered decorative sofa has exposed wood trim on the backside and armrests. 

Sloped Arm Sofa

Blue Curved Sofas #CurvedSofas #Sofas #CurvedFurniture
York Slope Arm Deep Seat Slipcovered Sofa

Continuous armrest support from the back to the front of the sofa is called Sloped Arm Sofa. Arms rest at a lower level than the height of the sofas’ backside. This armrest gives the sofa a sleek and refined look. 

Boucle Sofa – Blue Curved Sofas

Loaded with texture, a Boucle Sofa is covered in a curling yarn fabric. Frequently used with curved sofas for a chic style.  

Rolled Arm Sofa – Blue Curved Sofas

Curved outward armrests are called rolled arms. Sofas with these armrests are called Rolled Arms Sofas. The sofa’s larger armrests at your waist level easily support your arms. This makes for a very comfortable sofa. 

Wicker Sofa – Blue Curved Sofas

Made from rattan or all-weather materials, a Wicker Sofa is typically hand-woven onto a furniture frame.

Armless Sofa

Designed without arm support, this sofa is called an Armless Sofa. Sofa support is found on the backside of the sofa. There are no side armrests. The sofa stands with a backside and seat only.

Deep Seated Sofa

Called Deep Seated Sofas are sofas with a seat depth of more than 40 inches. Allows for extra room sitting with front-to-back cushions greater that are greater than 40 inches. 

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous types of sofas. Too many to include in a post for curved sofas. 

Different Names of Couches

Some call them sofas. Others call them couches. Clearly, there are many names used for a sofa. Called Divans, Bench, Loveseat, Banquettes, Lounge, Daybed, and sofa beds which refer to sofas.  

In Closing – Blue Curved Sofas

This ends our list of blue curved sofas. Style your small room with a curved sofa to maximize your living space. Blue-colored furnishings blend well with many other colors. Use silver and grey complementary colors. Mix orange or yellow contrasting tones for a brighter home. Blue sofas work well with many of these colors.  

Take a look at our selection of the best blue curved sofas for your home.  

Be sure to share with us which sofas are your absolute favorites. Let us know what you think. 

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