17 Best Beaded Chandelier Decor Ideas

In Today’s post, we are sharing our list of the best-beaded chandelier decor ideas for the home. A great way to make a bold statement in your home is with a beaded chandelier. Replacing a light fixture is a quick way to refresh any room. A simple idea, but goes a long way in giving your space an updated fresh look. 

The actual name of the chandelier evolved from the French word for candle. At a time when candles were the primary source of interior lighting, the chandelier was created to light larger areas of the home. The purpose of the chandelier was to diffuse the candlelight from becoming too bright and blinding. Over the years several materials were used for the purpose of diffusing light and as a decorative element. Wooden beads strung on a chandelier were used several hundred years ago. The wooden bead-type chandelier tended to be used more often in a rustic, country-decor-style home.

In more recent years, these beaded-type chandeliers have been used with coastal and boho-decorated homes. No matter the style you’re after, there is a wide range of beaded chandelier designs to select from. The beaded chandelier is available in many sizes so can be used in even the smallest of rooms. In today’s homes, you’ll find these beauties in just about every room in the home. From the living room to dining and bedroom, they make a statement wherever they go.            

Add Beaded Chandeliers to Every Home Space – Beaded Chandelier Decor Ideas 

Typically in previous years, chandeliers were used in entryways, foyers, and dining rooms. Find these beauties in the living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and outdoor spaces in today’s homes. Designed in a variety of sizes to accommodate small living spaces as well as larger areas. Today’s chandeliers feature several lights, tiered, and embellished with tassels or beads. Previously thought of as symbols of wealth, opulence, and grandeur, today’s beaded chandeliers are refined while maintaining a casual feel to their design.     

Take a look at our beaded chandelier decor ideas. Be sure to let us know what your thoughts are.  

Make it a Boho Coastal Home – Beaded Chandelier Decor Ideas  

Entertain dinner guests in a boho coastal styled dinner room. Furnishings with distressed finishes and white interiors give a casual relaxed feel to this space. Throw-covered wishbone chairs for a cozy coastal dinner party.  

Give it a Little Glam Look 

Embellish the ceiling for a glam look with this ombre gray chandelier. 

Add some Dinner Time Ambiance – Beaded Chandelier Decor Ideas

Make a statement with this cream-colored chandelier. It’s amazing how beaded chandeliers suit many decor styles. They easily transition into a formal dining space or one that is relaxed, informal.  

Create Visual Appeal in the Space  

Repeat the same color throughout the room but with different textures. This creates a cohesive look and equally important is that it provides visual appeal.

Set Aside One for the Baby’s Room – Beaded Chandelier Decor Ideas

Embellish the baby’s nursery with a beaded chandelier. Go ahead put a mini chandelier for the tiniest member of the family, a girl’s nursery. We love this! So beautiful and perfect for a little girl’s nursery. 

Create a Memorable Entryway in your Home  

Make your guests swoon over your entryway style. An entryway of tongue and groove walls and ceiling with a gorgeous beaded chandelier creates a stunning first impression. 

Go for Double the Style 

Continue with the all-white theme in this kitchen and dining room. Create a space to use on formal occasions and for casual gatherings as well. Make this a great space for all family gatherings with the use of natural textures and coastal elements.   

Give it a Beach House Ready Theme  

Add warm tones to the dining room space. Use the warm earthy tones of the flooring, dinner chairs, and table to create a cozy dining space. The beaded chandelier adds a layer of texture to this space. 

Add a Touch of Mint Green 

Turn your eat-in kitchen into a perfect breakfast nook space. We love this. Makes for a perfect space for breakfast or brunch.  

Dine with a Gorgeous View  – Beaded Chandelier Decor Ideas  

Start with some fun wallpaper. Something with subtle color. Add driftwood and a couple of sea urchins for a simple table centerpiece. Install a gorgeous beaded chandelier as the crowning jewel of the room.  

Display a colorful piece of coastal wall art. Get ready for the guests to arrive for dinner.  

Provide Soft Bedroom Lighting 

Layer different textures of bedding in the bedroom. Create soft ambiance lighting in the bedroom with a smaller scale beaded chandelier. 

Work Towards a Classic Look 

Style it blue, white, and natural! Work with the classics – blue white vases and beaded chandeliers. Make the best of both worlds.  

Use Muted Colors in a Baby’s Room 

Swoon over this mini chandelier in a baby’s room no less! Sized perfectly for this space. 

Top it Off with a Crown 

Top off this room with a grand chandelier. A good size room deserves a good size topper. Scale is so important when giving a room a refresh. Think of scale before ordering a light fixture. Ordering a chandelier that is too small will make the room appear even larger than it is. 

Blend Green with the Blue – Beaded Chandelier Decor Ideas

Mix it up. Blend greens with blues for true coastal beach glass decor. Refresh your dining table with a mint green beaded chandelier. 

Take it Outside – Beaded Chandelier Decor Ideas

Refresh your outdoor space. Don’t overlook patio and pool outdoor spaces. Show them some love with a pretty chandelier. Late-night gatherings will never be the same.  

Style it Boho with a Little Glam

Mix the coastal earthiness of wood beads with a glamorous design. Create a pale gray and white background for an even more stylish look. 

Create a stylish and glamorous dining space. 

This completes our list of beaded chandelier decor ideas post. Do you have a beaded chandelier you love in your home? Tell us about your chandelier or one that you love in the comments below. We hope you found some helpful tips for using a beaded chandelier in your decor. 

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