Style a Console Table with These 11 Designer’s Tips

Style a Console Table, but where do you start? Styling a console can be tricky, but with some help from seasoned interior designers, you can do it! In today’s post, we share tips from 11 interior designers to help you style your console table. 

A versatile piece of furniture, the handy console table is most frequently seen in an entryway. All the same, the console can be used behind a sofa, as a sideboard in the dining room, hallway, and other areas of the home. A console table is typically taller and narrower, so it can fit in smaller areas of your home.   

All console tables can be personalized and styled for your specific needs. We’ll share our picks of console styling tips from eleven sources. Styling tips that will make styling a console table a breeze. Take a look.  

Interior Designer Tips to Style a Console Table

  1. Create Visual Balance – How to Style a Console Table 

Use the symmetry design principle to create visual balance within your home space. Hang double mirrors or artwork side by side. In this case, double mirrored windows were hung to show the console table area symmetry. Alongside the visual balance, the mirrored windows reflect the outdoor light. As a result of this visual trick, the room appears brighter, more spacious, and more expansive. Beautiful!      

2.  Use a Simple Two-Step Console Styling 

A two-step styling method. In this example, a coastal-themed style is used. 

Step 1:

Start with a console table that fits your style and room. Gather the items such as a Nordic Boathouse Box Frame Canvas wall art, pillar holder, and whale bookends. 

Step 2:

Use the Nordic Boathouse Box Frame Canvas wall art to hang over the console table. Wall art is centered over the console table. This creates a focal point for the console and entryway. You can substitute a large piece of wall art with a large mirror. 

Arrange the remainder of the objects on the table. The Cherie Pillar holder set is placed to the left. And the Botanica Whale Bookends are on the right, supporting a handful of books. A shorter object is between the pillar holders and bookends—a simple console styling for a coastal home in this example.  

3. Substitute a Cabinet as a Console Table  

Substitute a two-door cabinet for a console table. In this example, two cabinet pieces were placed side by side. Two cabinets give the appearance of being a single console cabinet. The added bonus is you have extra storage that we all can use. Amazing!    

4. Balance Color and Objects  

Jewel did a fantastic job balancing the neutral colors and table objects. Start to finish – a total of four DIY projects were completed. All are perfectly color balanced, from the DIY table to the wooden bead mirror. 

5 – Add Height to the Area – How to Style a Console Table

Take the stress out of styling with the following tips.   

  • Add a lamp to add height, plus it creates ambiance when the light is on 
  • Create a focal point with wall art or a mirror 
  • Stack a set of books for a layering effect 
  • Fill a vase full of flowers or greenery for a natural element 
  • Increase your storage with baskets to stow away pillows or throws 
  • Finish off with your favorite decor pieces 

6. Drape a Blanket Over a Basket

Drape a blanket over a basket for added warmth. A final tip from Bailey is don’t fear taking risks and arrange objects in a manner you might not usually use.  

7. Use a Taller Anchor Piece

Work a taller anchor piece into your console table styling. Layer with height and depth. Lemon Leaf Home Interiors tip – “Every space needs a tall piece. You can create height with what you have by adding mirrors, art, or taller pieces on or above a standard console.” 

8. Create a Design Board 

Create a design board to help visualize the space around the console table. This is especially helpful when you are working with a large entryway room. In this particular home, there was enough space to design two separate areas within the entryway—one for the console table and another for the bench sitting area. As a result of this concept, there were two spaces in a single room – the entryway.       

9. Connect a Long Entryway with a Runner

Although there are two console tables and decorative accessories, the runner connects the long entryway. With a long narrow entrance and a front door in the center of the entry, the runner brings the two sides together. 

10. Lean Against the Wall – Style a Console Table

Instead of hanging a mirror on a wall, place the mirror on the console and lean the mirror against the wall. Because the mirror reflects objects placed in front of the mirror, it displays objects without a backside. For instance, rounded objects are decorative and pretty on every side! Pretty cool? 

11. Create a Gallery Wall – Style a Console Table

Abby recommends a 9-frame gallery wall above the console table for a focal point. Hang the pictures between 8 and 10 inches above the table. At this level, your eye is drawn upward to the frame gallery. A frame gallery display is especially effective on more enormous walls. 

This ends our list of tips on a favorite subject of ours. Style a console table. Do you have a console table styling tip you’d like to share? Which is your favorite styling tip? Hopefully, you were able to find a few tips to use in your home. 

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Reach out to us with any questions. We are always ready to help you out. Thank you for dropping by and looking at Finding Sea Turtles’ blog. 


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