18 Comfy Coastal Beds for Dreamy Nights

Comfy coastal beds are what we all need. Because at the end of the day, we all retreat to the bedroom for a good night’s sleep. The bedroom is that special place we go to unwind, relax, and hopefully fall fast asleep. It’s no wonder we all try our best to make this one room as comfortable and conducive to a restful evening’s sleep as possible. 

We all know the importance of good, sound sleep. Recharge your body and mind overnight so the following morning we wake up energized. One of the best ways to ensure a good night’s rest is to create a bedroom space that helps you sleep.    

In today’s post, we are sharing comfortable beds with a coastal or Summer home decor style. It is important that a bed and its surroundings are not only comfortable but aesthetically pleasing. Visual appeal in the bedroom and the entire home can not be understated. Materials frequently used to construct beds with a coastal decor style are made from fabric, rattan, cane, and wood. The wood is typically though not always, either stained white, whitewashed, or light grey to resemble the color of driftwood. These materials and finishes are often associated with coastal, beach, and boho inspired decor styles.    

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Furnishings – Comfy Coastal Beds 

We especially love the look of rattan in so many types of furniture and accessories. Rattan is not only versatile but it is durable. And luckily, it can be used in many decor styles. But best of all, there is no better way to integrate sustainable, eco-friendly furnishings into your home decor. Take a look at our list of comfy coastal beds for a restful night’s sleep.  

Need a little inspiration to style your Coastal bedroom furnishings? Here you go. These bedrooms are simply gorgeous! And each one has a distinctive, authentic coastal seaside style. Take a look. Be sure to let us know what your thoughts are. 

Go for the Classics – Comfy Coastal Beds  

 Go with easy, simply styling. Cover your bed with classic neutral colors. You can’t go wrong with these palette colors. 

Cover the Headboard in Gray Fabric

Add soft grays and white with muted colors. Be sure to gather some greenery for the bedroom. Green plants and flowers are mood lifters. Plants always make us smile!

Crown your Canopy 

Stage center is this gorgeous canopy bed. Top it off with a wood bead chandelier. We love the beiges, whites with a single coral colored pillow! A subtle pop of coral color. 

Frame it All – Comfy Coastal Beds

Frame the bed, mirrors, and blue fan coral wall art in the same finish and wood type for a cohesive look. Add navy and various shades of blues to the bedding and wall art. And now you have created a masterpiece!

Embellish Your Bed with Rattan

Decorate your bed and bedroom with the warm, earthy tones of rattan. A relaxed, easy style that’s inviting. Love the palm fronds wall art!

This is the end of our list of coastal beds. Is there a favorite coastal bed that you like? We love the beds with neutral colors since they create a calming relaxed look to the bedroom. One last thing. Check out our post – 12 Ways to Add Coastal Decor to your Home as an additional coastal resource. Find great tips and tricks for styling a coastal home, in this important post. We always love hearing from all our readers. Let us know which beds are your favorites in the comments below. Hopefully, you found a bed that you love.

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