29 Coastal Nightstands for a Beach Home

Searching for the best coastal nightstands for your beach house inspired bedroom? We’ve gathered a list of nightstands that we know you’ll love! Coastal home decor styling appeals to a broad group of homeowners. Mostly popular due to the coastal’s calm, simple, relaxed laid back decor style. So perfectly suitable for a wide range of homes. You’ll find these coastal decor styles in many seaside bungalows as well as modern coastal homes. 

Give your home a little coastal boost with these bedside tables. Although nightstands are great for placing nighttime essentials so they are easily within reach, they also provide much needed storage space. Many bedside tables have either multiple drawers, open storage shelves, or a combination of both. And available in different sizes to accommodate just about every bedroom size. Whether you live by the ocean or are in love with the coastal look, you’ll find a nightstand that meets your needs and budget. 

Expect Comfort with a Modern Coastal Decor – Coastal Nightstands 

Although many think of coastal as being primarily a rustic design, coastal also includes modern coastal designs. The modern coastal design provides an updated coastal style for newer and renovated homes. Coastal furniture is often made from natural and organic materials. You’ll find rattan, woven cane, and wood materials used in coastal furniture. All in fabulous finishes of white, white distressed, beige, driftwood, and even light gray colors. 

Take a look at our favorite nightstand picks for coastal bedrooms. We know whichever stand you select will be the perfect addition to your bedroom. Below are our favorites!

Create the look you want with any of these coastal nightstands. From simple classic white to natural wood tones, perfect for a beach or Summer home. Start with a bedside table then add decorative pieces for a nautical or seaside decor. 

Interested in a few inspirational ideas to decorate a bedroom with a nightstand? Here are a few ways that will inspire you to create a beautiful coastal bedroom. Each with its own unique decor style. Take a look. Be sure to let us know what you are thinking. 

Keep Your Bedroom Tidy – Coastal Nightstands

Stash your bedroom essentials in this roomy nightstand. Top open shelf with two generously sized drawers. Finished in our favorite coastal classic color – white. Great for storing electrics and charging accessories, books, and other reading materials. 

Dive into the Competition 

There is no better way to start off a bedroom refresh than with a coastal nightstand. Then follow up with some beach family fun inspired wall art such as this … handstand competition. Toss in some organic textures of seagrass and woven rattan to the bedroom. Add some soft blues for a little beach vibe. And then you have a gorgeous coastal bedroom. 

The wall art evokes memories of the annual family beach vacations. A time to … Show off your competitive side with a photo snap of underwater handstands. Remember those Summer beach vacation days of cousin rivalry? Who could hold their breath the longest underwater? Or who could hold the perfect handstand underwater? Those family beach vacations were the best of times. Dive into the weekend with a family fun handstand competition.     

Create a Bedroom with a View 

Style it dreamy with the right nightstand. Give your space an incredible ocean view. Wake up to the soft sound of rolling ocean waves. Bring in a set of surfboards as accessories. Or keep them handy for a moments notice. 

Extra Coastal Decor Ideas 

It is our hope that this post helped you select the perfect coastal styled nightstand for your bedroom. And this is the end of our inspirational coastal bedroom list. Do you have a special decor style or storage tip for nightstands? If you do, we’d love to hear about it. We always love hearing from you, our readers.  

As an additional coastal decor resource, be sure to check out our coastal decor post for helpful tips. Take a look at our 12 Ways to Add Coastal Decor to your Home post.  

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If you try any of these coastal nightstands let us know how you make out. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We are ready to help you out. Thank you for stopping by.


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