24 Rattan Coffee Tables for the Summer Home

Rattan coffee tables bring a casual relaxed style to the home. There are many designs and styles of rattan coffee tables to select from. And we’re sure you’ll find several you love. However, it is important to know the difference between rattan and wicker.

Know the Difference Between Rattan and Wicker

Rattan is the plant itself. Although it is related to the palm family, the plant called Calamus rotang has a different growth pattern. It is indigenous to the tropical lands in Australia, Asia, and Africa. The rattan plant grows in a creeping fashion. It is not an upright-growing plant such as bamboo. Calamus rotang plant grows on the forest floor. As a result of the creeping habit, the plant scales the surrounding trees in the forest. Once the rattan has matured, it is harvested by local farmers. To clarify this, rattan is the material derived from the plant itself.    

Consider the following when selecting a coffee table. Some believe that the best rattan grows in Indonesia. American companies use Indonesian rattan as their primary material due to its quality. As you may know, rattan grows in various sizes and widths. Rattan is not only strong but durable as well. Furniture made from rattan furniture is available in many stains and finishes.     

In contrast to rattan material, wicker is the method used to attach rattan to the furniture frame. Wicker is the woven or wrapping process. Some wicker methods include a tighter woven pattern. Other wicker methods include a looser woven pattern. A tighter woven pattern adds strength to a furniture piece. Alternatively, a looser weaving wicker method is applied to create a more ornate or decorative design.

Design a Peacock Chair – Rattan Coffee Tables

The best example for explaining this is of course the classic Peacock Chair. As seen in the image below, the ornate Peacock Chair has a chair back that is woven loosely. The loose weaving creates a more ornate pattern for the chair. Whereas, the seat of the peacock chair will have a tighter woven pattern for strength and support of the occupant of the seat. See the image below.

Plumage Rattan Chair #Coastal #CoffeeTables #RattanCoffeeTables

A label on furniture that says it is wicker indicates the method used to attach the rattan material to the furniture. Hopefully, this avoids any confusion in the future. 

Now that the difference between rattan material and the wicker method of attaching the rattan has been clarified, we move onto our picks. For a casual, refined seaside beach vibe, use plenty of rattan furnishings. Ready to take a look? Look at our rattan coffee table picks loaded with coastal style.     

  1. Abaca Round Coffee Table 

Woven from durable natural fibers, the Abaca Round Coffee Table is perfect for a boho, coastal, or modern coastal-styled home. And of course, the natural fibers have variegated hues with texture.  

  • handcrafted of rattan 
  • legs are kiln-dried solid teak and stained with a black finish 
  • measures 18 1/2 inches high by 35.5 inches in diameter 
  • weight capacity is 200 pounds

2.  Nina Rattan Coffee Table – Rattan Coffee Tables 

For a more contemporary design, look no further than the Nina Rattan Coffee Table. Perfect for a modern coastal decorated home

  • round coffee table with a rattan tabletop 
  • rattan top made from concentric rings spiraling into the center 
  • natural finish  
  • table base has a geometric iron metal 
  • table measures 16 inches high by 36 inches in diameter
  • leg height is 15 ¼ inches  

3. Amina Round Coffee Table 

Amina Round Coffee Table #Coastal #CoffeeTables #RattanCoffeeTables
Lulu and Georgia

Blend style with utility – this table has it all. Although it visually appears lightweight, the Amina Round Coffee Table is durable. Naturally beautiful, this table stands out in your living space.  

  • begin with an open-weave radial design 
  • designed to create an airy, organic feel 
  • suitable for small space living 
  • measures about 16 inches high by 33 inches in diameter

4. Kayden Coffee Table  

Seaside Style Kayden Coffee Table #CoffeeTable #Coastal #RattanCoffeeTables
Seaside Style – Kayden Coffee Table

The Kayden Coffee Table fits right into a transitional or contemporary decor setting. Perfectly suitable for an instantly modern, coastal appeal. The Kayden coffee table is the right choice. 

  • constructed from hand-woven bamboo with a criss-cross design and rattan top 
  • the finish is hand rubbed in whitewash 
  • available in other finishes 
  • measures 16 ½ inches tall by 33 inches wide and deep 
  • weight capacity 150 pounds 

5. Yali Brown Rattan Round Coffee Table 

Rattan Coffee Tables Yali Brown Rattan Round Coffee Table #CoffeeTable #Coastal #RattanCoffeeTables #CoastalFurniture
Rattan Coffee Tables – Yali Brown Rattan Round Coffee Table

With this concave coffee table, you have the perfect Summer style table. Refined, modern, and loaded with lots of texture and dimension. The Yali Brown Rattan Round Coffee Table is designed for that special beach house-ready look.

  • crafted from woven rattan 
  • round-shaped table with a braided trim underneath the tabletop 
  • finish is brown 
  • measures 20 inches high by 38 inches wide and deep 
  • weight capacity is 50 pounds 

6. Pringle Coffee Table 

Beach Inspired Pringle Coffee Table #CoffeeTable #Coastal #RattanCoffeeTables #BeachHome #CoastalDecor #CoastalFurniture #Seaside
Beach Inspired – Pringle Coffee Table

Shaped like a drum, the Pringle Coffee Table can handle it all. As an Island-inspired table design, the Pringle is ready for a tropical or boho-styled home.    

  • crafted from hand-woven, water hyacinth leaf 
  • topped with tempered glass for ease of cleaning  
  • The stain finish is Sienna 
  • legs are made from solid wood legs  
  • measures 18 inches high by 31 inches wide and deep 
  • weight capacity is 150 pounds 

7. Gensho Coffee Table 

Seaside Style Gensho Coffee Table #CoffeeTable #Coastal #RattanCoffeeTables #BeachHome #CoastalDecor #CoastalFurniture #Seaside
Seaside Style – Gensho Coffee Table

As a rectangle-shaped table, the Gensho Coffee Table takes its inspiration from baskets found in the Art Institute of Chicago’s Japanese Gallery. Although this table is finished in whitewash, it is artistically paired with a modern geometric shape. As a result of this design, this table looks lovely in a boho, contemporary, modern, or coastal decor interior.   

  • crafted from rattan and mango wood frame with an NC coating finish 
  • finished in gray  
  • legs are made of mango wood 
  • measures 15.7 inches high by 69.9 inches wide and 43.7 inches in diameter 
  • weight capacity is 15 pounds 

8. Lulu Rattan Coffee Table 

Rattan Coffee Tables Lulu Rattan Coffee Table #CoffeeTable #Coastal #RattanCoffeeTables #BeachHome #CoastalDecor #CoastalFurniture #Seaside
Rattan Coffee Tables – Lulu Rattan Coffee Table

As inspired by vintage furniture, the Lulu Rattan Coffee Table has beautiful details. From the graceful double arches surrounding the table base to the table herringbone pattern, this has a retro feel. The drum table surface features a herringbone pattern. We love this look.  

  • made of rattan in a natural finish 
  • drum-shaped coffee table with arching strands  
  • measures about 16 inches high by 33 inches in diameter 
  • weight capacity is 200 pounds 

9. Willow Creek Coffee Table with Storage 

Double your storage space with this two-tiered coffee table. The Willow Creek Coffee Table has a lower-level storage shelf. Store items below to keep the coffee table top free of clutter. As a result of the second shelf, it’s easy to keep handy extra pillows or throws out of sight but within reach.   

  • constructed from rattan and wicker 
  • finish is natural with a cream color top 
  • available in 21 additional finishes   
  • measures 20 inches high by 44 inches long and wide 
  • weight capacity 1 pound 

10. Debose Coffee Table 

Start with a natural seagrass material. Then follow up with the right finish for lasting beauty. The Debose Coffee Table is square-shaped which provides an expanded table surface for comfort. Constructed from natural woven seagrass material over a wood-framed base. 

  • made from rattan wicker material of natural seagrass 
  • finished in Honey Brown 
  • table measures about 17 inches high by 40 inches wide and long 

11. Rattan Storage Coffee Table – Rattan Coffee Tables  

As with most homes, we can never have enough storage. Of course, that makes this coffee table all the more enticing. The Rattan Storage Coffee Table easily stores extra pillows, and throws, or provides a surface for serving trays. 

  • handcrafted of rattan with a teak frame  
  • hand-applied finish in water-based gray finish 
  • legs are made from teak and have a dark gray finish 
  • measurements are about 18 inches high by 37 inches long and 20 inches deep  
  • weight capacity of 200 pounds  

12. Island Estate Key Largo Coffee Table 

As an alternative to coastal decor, go for a retro island decor style. An intricately designed coffee table with a retro style. The Island Estate Key Largo Coffee Table is a six-sided design.  

  • topped with a beveled glass 
  • beveled glass is bound by leather over the rattan base 
  • the base is made from woven rattan wicker 
  • the finish is lightly distressed with warm umber tones 
  • table measures about 20 ¾ inches high by 44 inches wide and 50 ¾ inches long 

13. Rattan Coffee Table 

Transition to a modern coastal design with a white Rattan Coffee Table. This style design is ideal for an intimate seating arrangement.  

  • topped with a round clear glass top 
  • constructed from rattan wicker 
  • finish is white over the rattan base 
  • measures 20.5 inches high by 30 inches wide and diameter 
  • weight capacity is 25 pounds 

14. Rattan Round Coffee Table 

With its casual look, this coffee table is the perfect addition to a beach house. The Rattan Round Coffee Table easily holds a tray full of refreshments or coastal reading materials. 

  • handcrafted rattan  
  • finish is hand applied water based gray 
  • measures 18 inches high by 39 inches diameter 
  • weight capacity is 200 pounds 

15. Natural Rattan Jace Coffee Table 

To keep it all tidy, use the lower shelf for storage. A double-tiered table, the Natural Rattan Jace Coffee Table adds a little boho look to the home. 

  • made from woven rattan 
  • finish is natural tan 
  • lower storage shelf conceals throws, pillows, or TV remote controls 
  • table measures about 29 inches high by 40 inches long and 22 ¾ inches wide

16. Cape Coffee Table 

Strong rattan material with a soft, natural coastal style, the Cape Coffee Table is beautifully designed. The roomy mushroom-like design keeps it all in place. 

  • handwoven of water hyacinth over a wood frame 
  • table top is made from tempered glass for ease in cleaning  
  • measures about 18 inches high by 44 inches diameter 

17. Lafayette Coffee Table with Storage  

Rattan Coffee Tables Lafayette Coffee Table with Storage #CoffeeTable #Coastal #RattanCoffeeTables #BeachHome #CoastalDecor #CoastalFurniture #Seaside
Lafayette Coffee Table with Storage

A traditionally styled design, the Lafayette Coffee Table with Storage is a classic. Store a variety of items on the bottom shelf to minimize clutter. We love extra storage! In many older beach homes, storage space is lacking. So, for us, any extra storage is always welcomed with a smile.

  • glass table top  
  • base is made from rattan and wicker 
  • finish is Honey 
  • available in 21 finishes  
  • measures about 18 inches high by 44 inches long and 24 inches wide
  • weight capacity is 1 pound 

18. Nobles Oval Coffee Table 

Go for roomy with this coffee table. The Nobles Oval Coffee Table is a transitional style table with a strong coastal influence.  

  • constructed from rattan wicker material 
  • finish is a gold patina 
  • table legs are wood 
  • measures about 15 ¾ inches high by 26 inches long and 44 inches wide 

19. Annette Rattan Coffee Table – Rattan Coffee Tables  

We love this shape and the color too! For an earthy, coastal look, the Annette Rattan Coffee Table is your best bet.

  • hand-crafted with a powder coated aluminum frame followed by a synthetic wicker wrapping 
  • finish is Vintage White 
  • table measures about 15 inches high by 36 inches in diameter 
  • weight capacity is 121 pounds 

20. Rattan Round Coffee Table 

Go with the open weave style. The Rattan Round Coffee Table gives it a light, airy feel. Suited for any space you call home.  

  • handcrafted of rattan with solid Teak top  
  • finish is hand-applied, water based in gray color  
  • measures about 18 inches high by 39 inches in diameter 
  • weight capacity is 200 pounds  

21. Vernie Coffee Table with Storage 

For the yesteryear-inspired look of vintage trunks, take a look at this coffee table. The Vernie Coffee Table has storage for keeping extra supplies. All finished in rich contrast. Total antique charm is found in this piece. 

  • constructed from woven rattan wicker 
  • finish is wheat color 
  • straps are made from genuine leather 
  • antique brass accents 
  • two drawers allow for storage of essentials 
  • measures about 18 inches high by 40 inches long and 23 ½ inches wide 

22. Hampton All-Weather Wicker Drum Coffee Table 

In a natural finish, the Hampton All-Weather Wicker Drum Coffee Table is a sleek and chic furniture piece. Tightly woven rattan gives the table a finished look.   

  • crafted from aluminum and handwoven all-weather wicker
  • finish is natural 
  • frame is finished in powder coated Haze Sandy 
  • wood is kiln-dried which prevents damage from the weather elements  
  • measures about 18 inches high by 36 inches in diameter 
  • weight capacity is 75 pounds 

23.  Kai Rattan Coffee Table Gray – Rattan Coffee Tables  

For another vintage-inspired look, the rectangular-shaped Kai Rattan Coffee Table in gray hits the mark. Similar to vintage travel trunks, this table combines coastal style with versatility. The hinged top allows for easy storage inside the table.     

  • constructed from mango wood  
  • legs are tapered  
  • styled in a traditional trunk top made from hand-woven rattan
  • top has hinges and buckle straps to secure the top 
  • finish in gray 
  • measures about 18 inches high by 47 inches wide and 18 inches diameter

24. Anguilla Rattan Coffee Table – Rattan Coffee Tables  

Bring warmness to your space with the Anguilla Rattan Coffee Table. The round table with tightly woven rattan has a classic style. 

  • crafted of woven rattan that covers a sturdy engineered core
  • base is solid rattan with hand-wrapped rattan accents
  • measures about 17 ½ inches tall by 44 inches diameter 

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Reach out to us with any questions. We are always ready to help you out. Thank you for stopping by our blog. 


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