16 Farmhouse Sofas for All Budgets

Farmhouse sofas in neutral and earth tones lead the way for a farmhouse-styled home. Sofas that are not only functional but stylish, family-friendly, and within the family budget. Farmhouse style fits right into Modern Farmhouse, Rustic, and Country aesthetics. Furniture pieces that feel lived in and comfortable along with the worn look of distressed finishes is what Farmhouse is all about. Decor in the Farmhouse style, are easy furniture pieces that are adaptable for use with many decor styles. Keep in mind that the Farmhouse decor style offers both style and comfort. A relaxed, easy-going lifestyle.  

Although a coffee table is considered the workhorse of the room, it is the sofa that sets the stage. A sofa sets the decor look for not only the space but beyond especially in an open floor plan. Then sit back, kick up your feet, and relax. The look of neutral colors goes a long way. Since those furniture pieces are easy to update. Simply changing throw pillows and accessories brings a whole new look. Neutral colors lend themselves to seasonal, quick updates throughout the year.    

We’ve rounded up 16 Farmhouse sofas for all budgets that you are going to love. Take a look at it and let us know which are your favorites.  

1. Artisan Sofa

Artisan Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseSofas #HomeDecor
Artisan Sofa
  • The sofa measures 86”
  • Shown in Snow Crypton Performance fabric 
  • Features reversible cushions
  • Seat height is 21”
  • Weight capacity is 325 lbs
  • Seats 3 
  • Style in farmhouse, coastal, rustic, or transitional decorative interiors

2. Shildon Sofa – Farmhouse Sofas

Shildon Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseSofas #HomeDecor
Shildon Sofa
  • The sofa measures 86”
  • Features reversible cushions
  • Weight capacity is 250 lbs
  • Seats 3 people 
  • The sofa legs are tapered with a coffee-finished stain

3. Joanna Sofa

Johanna Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseDecor #HomeDecor
Johanna Sofa
  • The sofa measures 76” 
  • Shown in Conversation Ivory 
  • Features removable seat cushions S
  • Seat height is 21″ 
  • Weight capacity is 750 lbs 
  • Seats 3 people

4. Leigh Sofa – Farmhouse Sofas

Leigh Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseSofas #HomeDecor
Leigh Sofa
  • The Leigh Sofa measures 91” wide 
  • Shown in Sustain Dursky Ivory 
  • Features down-filled cushions 
  • Reversible seat cushions 
  • Seat height is 22″ 
  • Weight capacity is 750 lbs 
  • Seats 3 people

5. Eton Upholstered Sofa

16 Farmhouse Sofas for All Budgets Eton Upholstered Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseSofa #HomeDecor
16 Farmhouse Sofas for All Budgets – Eton Upholstered Sofa
  • The sofa overall measures 34” high by 85″ wide with a depth of 38” 
  • Shown in Conley Stripe Fern fabric with turned sofa feet in Latte finish 
  • Seat height is 20″ 
  • Seat depth is 21″ 
  • Constructed for added stability 
  • Seats 3 people

Inspired by Country and Farmhouse furnishings, the Eton Sofa has a blended country style. Notice the curves of a traditional English arm on this sofa. Sink into the t-shaped seat cushions for extra comfort. Keep the country farmhouse decor style in your home with this lovely sofa.  

6. Blaine Sofa

Blaine Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseSofas #HomeDecor
Blaine Sofa
  • The sofa measures 86” 
  • Shown in 3156 Linen fabric 
  • Reversible seat cushions 
  • Seat height is 20 1/2″ 
  • Weight capacity is 800 
  • Seats 3 people

7. Liam Sofa – Farmhouse Sofas

Liam Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseDecor #HomeDecor
Liam Sofa
  • Overall sofa measures 37 1/2″ in height by 90” wide and 37” in depth
  • Features 2 toss pillows 
  • Seat height is 21″

8. Buchholz Sofa – Farmhouse Sofas

Buchholz Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseSofas #HomeDecor
Buchholz Sofa
  • Overall sofa measures 40” high by 94” wide and 43″ deep 
  • Upholstered Sofa 
  • Shown in Revolution Performance fabric in tan color with sofa legs stained in Coffee finish 
  • Includes 5 toss pillows 
  • Removable seat cushions 
  • Seat depth is 22″ 
  • Weight capacity is 750 lbs 
  • Seats 3 people 

If you are searching for a stain-resistant fabric-covered sofa, you’ll love the Buchholz. This sofa stands up to homes where both kids and pets live. Sink into total comfort with recessed sofa arms in the Charles of London style. Capture the feel of the timeless and classic style.   

9. Cameron Sofa

Cameron Farmhouse Sofas #Sofa #FarmhouseSofas #HomeDecor
Cameron Sofa
  • Overall sofa measures 35″ high to the cushion and 31 3/4″ high to the frame. It is 89 1/4″ wide by 37″ in depth 
  • Shown in Branford Sisal fabric with sofa legs stained in Sierra finish 
  • Features 2 19″ square toss pillows 
  • Seats 3 people

Designed for the casual lifestyles of today, the Cameron Upholstered Sofa has to blend down seat cushions. Bring the casually refined style to the home with a Cameron Sofa. Recline comfortably with curved armrests and tapered exposed sofa legs for a refined decor. 

10. Grady Pleated Sofa – Farmhouse Sofas

Grady Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseDecor #HomeDecor
Grady Sofa
  • Sofa overall measurements are 84″ wide by 37″ deep and 35″ high 
  • Also available in a larger size of 96″ wide by 37″ deep and 35″ high 
  • Shown in Wheat Washed Linen 
  • Features a pleated skirt 
  • Seat height is 18″ 
  • Seat depth is 21″ 

Keep your living space looking its best with this sofa and its box pleat skirt in a washed linen wheat color. Style it cozy and comfortable. Rest in comfort with curved sofa arms while bringing warmth and textural variation to your home.  

11. Miramar Sofa

Miramar Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseDecor #HomeDecor
Miramar Sofa
  • The stylish Miramar Sofa has a Bench Seat 
  • Overall measures 34″ high by 87″ wide and 42″ deep 
  • Shown in Performance Suede Sky fabric with sofa legs stained in a Driftwood finish 
  • Arm height is 21″ 
  • The back height is 34″ 
  • Seat height is 18″

Relax with curl-up comfort while sitting on a Miramar Sofa. Dive into this sofa with its laid-back style and casualness. Features roll arms and turned wood sofa legs.  

12. Novalee Sofa

Novalee Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseDecor #HomeDecor
Novalee Sofa
  • Overall measurements are 37” high by 88” wide and 39” deep 
  • Shown in Chenille Ivory fabric with sofa legs stained in black finish 
  • Features removable seat cushions 
  • Seat height is 21 1/2″ 
  • Weight capacity is 500 lbs 
  • Seats 3 people

13. Brighton Sofa – Farmhouse Sofas

Brighton Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseSofas #HomeDecor
Brighton Sofa
  • Overall sofa measurements are 36” high by 72” wide and 32” deep 
  • Shown in Elizabeth Bone and a dark brown sofa leg finish
  • Features 2 toss pillows 
  • Available in other fabric colors 

For country styling, the Brighton sofa has superior styling. Stay cozy with warm, earthy-tone-colored fabrics.

14. Bronnie Sofa

  • Overall sofa measures 35.5” high by 79” wide and 35.75” deep 
  • Shown in Cream fabric 
  • Includes 3 toss pillows
  • Reversible seat cushions 
  • Seat height is 21″ 
  • Weight capacity is 600 lbs 
  • Seats 3 people

15. Lucia Sofa

Lucia Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseSofa
Lucia Sofa
  • Overall measurements are 29” high by 93” wide and 41” deep 
  • Shown in Conversation Linen fabric 
  • Removable seat cushions 
  • Seat height is 22″ 
  • Weight capacity is 500 lbs 
  • Seats 3 people

16. Cantata Sofa – Farmhouse Sofas

Cantata Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseDecor #HomeDecor
Cantata Sofa
  • Overall Sofa measures 40” high by x 91” wide and 40” deep 
  • Shown in light gray linen fabric
  • Includes 5 toss pillows 
  • Seat height is 22″ 
  • Weight capacity is 1050 lbs 
  • Seats 3 people

17. Amari Sofa

Amari Sofa #Sofa #FarmhouseSofas #HomeDecor
Amari Sofa
  • Overall sofa measurements are 31” high by 84” wide and 40” deep 
  • Shown in Lula Linen fabric 
  • Features Reversible seat cushions 
  • Seat height is 21″ 
  • Weight capacity is 750 lbs 
  • Seats 3 people

This completes our list of Farmhouse sofas for all budgets. From Country to modern Farmhouse living, these Farmhouse sofas transform home decor into a relaxed, breathe-easy style. Sofas are perfect for family gatherings, neighborhood potluck dinners, or informal entertaining. So, which are your favorite sofas? We love them all! Let us know in the comments below what you think.  

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For any questions, reach out to us. We are always ready to help you out. Thank you for stopping by our blog. 


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