27 Coastal Rattan Trays for Home Decor

Coastal rattan trays perfect for any home decor style. Trays are useful in many ways. Use trays as serving pieces, to maintain organization, and to create a decorative vignette with related objects. In today’s post, we are sharing the use of rattan trays to create a decorative vignette in the home. Create a vignette using a rattan tray in a home decor setting. The vignette theme is whatever you choose. Since this post features coastal rattan trays we will share coastal theme vignettes as inspiration.

As many of you may know, a vignette is actually a small curated still life. Or a snapshot of a decorative still life spot. Using the tray as the base, you create a mini vignette. The objects fit inside the tray. The vignette itself is the focal point and tells a story. Other larger objects such as a light source can fit around the rattan tray vignette or the vignette tray can stand alone. This is determined by your decor style and surrounding space. 

Style Your Tray – Coastal Rattan Trays 

Group decorative objects together on a tray as a vignette. Rather than placing objects scattered across a table surface, it is better to corral the objects into one area. This gives the table surface a more cohesive appearance. Objects within the tray share a common theme. And visually objects are related within the tray, setting a mood or convey a feeling.   

Remember as you style the tray to consider these styling tips. First is the theme of the tray. Since we are sharing coastal-styled trays, our example includes coastal objects. Gather objects at varying heights. Since you are limited to styling a tray, the objects will be smaller and less in number. To elevate objects, use a small grouping of books to elevate another object. For example, lay small books on their side and place a small vase or another object on top of the books. This elevates the object inside the tray.   

Give your tray depth. Layer objects at different distances inside the tray. Mix textures within the tray. For instance, the rattan tray provides one texture, the book, and vase or plant provide other types of texture. Depending on the size of your tray, you may only have room for three objects at the most. If you display photos on the tray, add photos of different sizes to mix it up. Rather than displaying a series of three photos all in the same frame, give the pictures visual appeal by mixing them up. Make it interesting, so guests will want to see more. As you can see, the serving tray is a great way to keep decorative objects within a smaller space. 

Place Trays Throughout the Home – Coastal Rattan Trays 

Aside from a coffee table, where else can you place a tray of decorative objects? The most commonly seen places where decorated trays are placed in the living room are on coffee tables and ottomans. You can also add one to a console table, bookcase shelf, sideboard, buffet, or any other surface. Just scale the tray down to fit smaller spaces. Trays are available in several shapes including round, square, or rectangle. 

Tray Objects  

There are so many objects you can use to decorate your tray. Once you have decided on the theme of the tray and room, start to gather objects. And don’t be afraid to try different things. Style the tray with a few objects then switch out one or two objects replacing them with other objects. We continue doing this until we get the right look for the tray. 

Some Items to Include

If you have a particular item to include in the tray styling, then gather other objects that compliment that one object. As an example, for a coastal setting, you might have a string of wooden beads. Gather other objects that complement the beads. Some items frequently used include:

  • stack a set of small books to use as a platform or to elevate another object 
  • add a small plant or vase of faux flowers 
  • lay a string of wooden beads or sea glass beads    
  • display seashells, sea life, or plant life (or starfish) 
  • show off a miniature glass float in the tray  
  • include a small light source such as a candle in a jar  
  • as an alternative, add a candlestick with candle 

These are just a few objects that decorators used. But by no means includes everything that could be used. Use objects that have personal sentiments or meanings to you. Go ahead and create a vignette that tells a tale or is a focal point. Take a look at our list of coastal rattan trays for the home. We are confident you see several beautiful rattan trays you’ll love. 

In Conclusion – Coastal Rattan Trays

This ends our list of coastal rattan trays. Do you have a favorite rattan tray in your home? Or is there a favorite tray you’ve found and thinking about ordering? We love the warm neutral colored rattan textures since it gives a home a calming relaxed look. 

One last thing. Check out our post – 12 Ways to Add Coastal Decor to your Home as an additional coastal resource. Find great tips and tricks for styling a coastal home, in this important post. We always love hearing from all our readers. Let us know which trays are your favorites in the comments below. Hopefully, you found a rattan tray that you love.

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