21 Best Rattan Pendant Lights

Rattan pendant lights with a boho coastal home decor style. Update your kitchen’s lights with a rattan pendant. Thinking about a home mini refresh or total room update? If you’d want to change things up a bit, use rattan lights for a fresh updated Summertime look. Install pendants as either a single, main source of light or several pendants grouped together for group lighting.    

The natural look of rattan adds texture and creates a natural warmth to a home space. And as an added benefit, it lends a boho chicness to the space.  

Use Pendants in 3 Ways – Rattan Pendant Lights

Transform an entire space with pendant lighting. Create a casual relaxed setting with rattan. Set the mood and ambience using a mix of light types. There are three ways that pendant lights provide lighting. In the home, pendants can be used in these 3 ways: 

  • Use pendant lights as overall lighting
  • Create workspaces with task lighting 
  • Draw attention to special objects or spaces with accent lighting  

Lighting Uses – Rattan Pendant Lights 

One type of lighting that pendants provide is basic overall lighting for an entire room, area, or space. This is the main source of light for the space. An example for overall lighting would be a pendant in a dining room. The main source of light is the pendant that provides overall lighting. 

Pendant lights can be used as task lighting. Use task lighting for completing small tasks such as sewing, food preparation, or a home office workspace. Focus light in a specific spot for completing a task with greater success in this lighting type. For example, a sewing space requires enough light to see fine fabric details. Install lights to enhance the area where the sewing tasks are to be completed.      

Likewise, a home office workstation will function better with task lighting. Enhance lighting at a workstation with the use of a pendant light source. This source should be dedicated to the space for performing tasks that require attention to fine details. Select the right size of pendant for the task lighting space. Placement of pendant lights is equally important in creating the right task lighting space. It is ideal for completing tasks or jobs that require extra attention to detail.   

Focus light over a particular object or area to create accent lighting. Draw attention to objects by lighting that space. Not only is the area attractive but it adds visual appeal to the space. 

Rattan Pendant Lights for the Home

In today’s post, we are sharing rattan pendant lighting options for the home with coastal and boho decor styles. Rattan furnishings and lighting has been popular in beach houses for many years. However in today’s homes, rattan lights are no longer used just in the kitchen or over the kitchen island. Use rattan pendant lights in other rooms of the house. These lights are versatile lighting options that look equally beautiful throughout the house. In fact, they can be used in so many other rooms. Check out our post, for more information titled – 26 Best Inspirational Rattan Pendant Lights. Find ideas for using rattan lights everywhere from the entryway to the bedrooms and bathrooms.  

We have put together a list of rattan pendant lights with the coastal home in mind. We know you’ll love these lights. Each of these pendants use rattan in a unique design to create beautiful lamp shades. Bring the love of the beach to your home with any of these distinctive pendant lights. Take a look at our list of best rattan pendant lights.

Additional Resource

Select any of these rattan pendants for your kitchen island, dining room, entryway, or home office. Each light fixture was selected for its boho coastal design. Bring the refined look of rattan to your coastal, modern coastal, and beach style decor. We’d love to know what you think about these pendant lights. Check out our post – 12 Ways to Add Coastal Decor to your Home as an additional coastal resource. Find great tips and tricks for styling a coastal home, in this important post.  

We always love hearing from all our readers. In the comments below, don’t forget to let us know which pendant light or lights you like best. 


On a Final Note .. 

This is the end of our list of rattan pendant lights for the home. Do you have a favorite pendant light? We love the use of multiple pendant lights of various shapes in a single setting. This look adds visual interest to any space. As a single light source, both the dome and gourd shaped lights are stunning when used in a grouping or alone. 

Everyone of these pendant lights bring an amazing coastal look to any home. The sophisticated laid back rattan look of a leisure driven lifestyle are reminiscent of seaside bungalows and beachside homes. Bring the beach house style to your home with one of these rattan pendants. We love the look of pendants with their rattan styles! We hope you found a pendant light that fits your home space and budget. 

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  1. When I click on a wicker pendant light that I like it takes me to Wayfair without going straight to that pendant on Wayfair.
    And there’s 230,000 wicker pendant lights to choose from. I cannot possibly browse through all of those to find the one.
    I would attach the picture of the one I like but I don’t see a means for that on this comment box

    1. Hi Mary, If you click on the wicker pendant and it directs you to the general Wayfair site, it could be that it is no longer available. Can you send me the name of the wicker pendant so I can try to search for it? I know there are thousands of pendants on the website. If you can send me the name perhaps a description of the pendant such as the finish type and maybe the shape of the pendant. I don’t want to promise you anything but I can try to track it down for you. – Mary at FindingSeaTurtles.com

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