23 Coastal Rattan Benches for your Beach House

Coastal Rattan benches are available in a variety of finishes. In a seaside style for a summer beach house? We’ve found a few that you will love. The ever-popular bench has a history of typically being backless and elongated. Nonetheless, the bench has come a long way in that benches can be found with backs, armrests, and storage space. Use benches in entryways, hallways, or mud rooms. Place a bench at the end of your bed in a bedroom for a quick break.   

Benches can be designed with or without cushions and made from a variety of materials. For this post, our focus is on benches that fit into a coastal or Summer styled home. Frequently, the bench is used for slipping on or off shoes. In an entryway, hallway, or at the end of a bed, many of us use the bench as a place to sit down. And put on our shoes or house slippers. Although when found in an entryway, benches are a great place to set keys, mail, or even packages as you enter the home. A versatile and handy piece of furniture. 

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Furnishings – Coastal Rattan Benches 

We love the versatility and durability of rattan benches, although not meant for outdoor use unless it is constructed of synthetic resin wicker. With rattan benches, there is no better way to integrate sustainable, eco-friendly furnishings into your home. Take a look at our list of coastal rattan benches.   

Need a little inspiration to style your Coastal rattan bench? Here you go. These benches have an authentic seaside style. Take a look.  

Add a few pillows and a nice piece of coastal wall artwork to complete your look.

Display a collection of Summer straw hats then add some comfortable coastal pillows that complete the coastal look.

In this setting, the rattan bench is located outside the kitchen. Include some toss pillows and wall art for a finished look. We are loving those floors. So Beautiful!

This ends our list of coastal rattan benches. Is there a favorite coastal rattan bench that you like? We love the rattan benches with a back and armrests. Although, the backless and armless benches are easier to move if needed a moment’s notice for extra seating. Hopefully, you found a bench that you love.

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