27 Best Inspirational Coastal Beds for Restful Nights

Searching for some inspirational coastal beds? If you need a few ideas to decorate your bedroom with a new bed, then this post is for you. After all, tackling a new decor project can sometimes be overwhelming and time-consuming. Although it may seem a little risky, you can easily create a coastal bedroom style in any home. It’s just a matter of selecting the right materials, fabrics, finishes, and styles to create a room or home that you’ll love. In today’s post, we share 27 inspirational ways to outfit your bedroom with coastal vibes.  

More than anything, your bed should be comfortable. After the end of the day, we all need a place where we can get a good night’s sleep. The bedroom is the place we go to relax and unwind. It is not surprising that we take extra steps to create an environment where we can have a restful sleep and wake up energized the following morning.  

We have created a list of 27 different coastal decor ideas for a bedroom. And any of these ideas fit perfectly in a beach, lake, seaside, or Summer home. If you need additional help with coastal decor …. Be sure to check out our post – 12 Ways to Add Coastal Decor to your Home as an additional resource. 

Refresh Your Bed – Inspirational Coastal Beds

Whether you need a minor refresh such as a new bed or an entire bedroom makeover, you’ll love our ideas. Ideas that will help you to create a coastal bedroom that you’ll love. We hope you find our ideas informative as well as helpful. Take a look at our inspirational coastal bed’s tips.  

Add a Little Coastal Decor to Your Ceiling – Inspirational Coastal Beds 

Look up! Can’t help but notice the beautiful ceiling. As you enter the room, you gaze up to see the gorgeous ceiling. Every bit as interesting as the room’s surroundings, this ceiling is a standout. Add oak beams and a coastal chandelier for immediate visual interest. Drape the bed in a tassel-edged beige coverlet with white linens. 

Sail the Seas with Vintage Wall Art 

Display vintage wall art of ships away at sea. All in front of a blue backdrop of wallpaper. Add the upholstered twin beds, and lots of pillows for cozy nights. 

Mix Cool Colors with Warm 

Add layers of cool-colored pillows against the warm metal black bed. Cool colors of white and grey contrast nicely against the dark hardware. The nightstand hardware, lamps, and bed have beautiful warm black colors against the neutral cool colors of white and grey. Simple and so very pleasing to the eye. 

Show your Stripes 

Lay down your stripes on the bedding, surfboard, and walls. A perfectly pink decor for a young girl’s room.  

Calm your Space – Inspirational Coastal Beds

Spread the blue around the entire room. Nothing is more relaxing, calming, and peaceful than the color blue. Stack the bed pillows deep for extra comfort. 

Pile on the Pillows 

Get comfortable in this bed. Pile high the pillows along with the throws. A cozy inviting bed. Waiting for someone to plunge in for some dreamy sleep.  

Warm Up your Space 

Create a layered bedding approach to your bed. Recreate this space by using brown warm earthy tones.  

Go with a Black Canopy Bed 

Drop the black canopy bed in the center of the room. Then layer your cream and beige-colored bedding. Follow up with textured accessories. Be sure to slip in a little greenery for good luck.  

Give it a Serene and Calm Style  

Blend soft grays with white textured linens. With this setup, you’re even ready for breakfast in the morning.  

Bring a Sandy Beach Triptych Home – Inspirational Coastal Beds 

Add an image of a sandy beach over the bed. Show the beauty of the sandy beaches. 

Hold on to the Summer Season

Invite the Summer into your home year round with this decor style. Never miss the ocean again with blues like these! 

Expand the Room by Using Cooler Colors 

Cover the bed with a tassel throw. Color the room light gray and crisp white to make the room appear more expansive. A room this gorgeous, you’ll barely notice the sloped ceiling and lower undersized windows. Interior designers solve problems. The soft grays and whites add a relaxing feel to this bedroom space. 

Fill the Room Full of Woven Textures in Neutral, Earthy Colors  

Mix woven textures in neutral colors with earthy, warm colors. Start with a rattan bed in a warm brownish color with white details. Layer on the white to creamy beige pillows and tassel throw. Finish off with a textured area rug of white and gray-beige color. And now you have a comfortable, relaxed bed.   

Create Visual Appeal with an Open-Frame Headboard 

Love an open-frame headboard look? So easy to create. Start with your favorite open frame headboard then pile on the textiles in bold organic colors. Add layer after layer to create visual appeal and a comfortable place to unwind.  

Cover the Walls in Wallpaper Above Board and Batten – Inspirational Coastal Beds

Use a board and batten accent wall painted in a crisp white as a background. Followed by an island-themed wallpaper above the board and a batten accent wall. We love this idea! A great way to use a solid furniture piece that is stained in a darker finish. The bureau transitions into a coastal setting beautifully. A fantastic way to continue using a furniture piece you previously had on hand and lack either the time or budget to replace.    

Go for a Calming, Totally Coastal Vibe

Need a quiet spot to unwind at the end of the evening? This relaxed, coastal style is the perfect place to lay back and doze off after a hectic day. We love the greenery – palm tree wall art and a single pillow. The finishing touch of the lumbar pillow in a woven texture. So totally coastal!    

Let the Sunshine Stream In

Skip the curtains in this room. Let the glorious Sun stream inside to light up the bedroom. Tongue and groove vaulted ceilings painted in white make this room light and airy. White sheer curtains hang from the black canopy bed. We’d all love to wake up in this bedroom. 

Show off Your Stripes

Pull out all the stripes in this bedroom. Pale blue striped benches and window cornices create a soothing space for rainy days or after-dinner activities. 

Make Punch … a Pink and Peach Punch 

Make a little punch in pink and peach flavors with these playful colors. Start with an open frame headboard frame. Toss a few pretty pink and peach-colored pillows. Followed by a piece of wall art. Then finish off with fresh flowers in these punch colors.  

Add a little rattan round side table for nighttime essentials. And now .. you are done! We love the softness of pink. 

Go for Some Depth – Inspirational Coastal Beds

Cover your bedroom walls in white vines on navy wallpaper that adds depth to the room. Add layers to the wallpaper such as wall art and bedroom furniture. Finish it off with pillows. And now you have pure perfection!

Create an Elegant Bedroom with White Bamboo 

Relax in this serene bedroom setting. They created an overall calmness with this style.   

Take a Traditional Style and Make it Modern  

Take a traditional style such as the Webster Bed, and make it modern. The traditional Bobbin Bed was redesigned with an updated modern coastal style. In this picture, the Webster Bed has contrast with the white walls.    

Add a Chandelier Over the Bed – Inspirational Coastal Beds 

Freshen up your bedroom with a white coral-inspired chandelier. The cane pattern bed brings an island style to this bedroom. 

Go with a Full Board and Batten Accent Wall

As a background, go with a full board and batten accent wall. Then add the rattan bed and lamps. Add a flush mount rattan light to continue the rattan theme. 

Keep it Cool and Calm – Inspirational Coastal Beds

Keep your cool with this bedroom set. Stay cool with a palm frond ceiling fan right over your bed.  Add shutters to your windows for a clean crisp look.  

Add Shoreline Work Art

Give your bedroom space some Shoreline Wall Art.  

Crown your Canopy – Inspirational Coastal Beds

Add a wood bead chandelier as the crown to your canopy bed. We love the natural light that the windows bring into this room. Layer the textiles in the beiges and whites. Finish off with a single coral-colored lumbar pillow! 

This concludes our list of inspirational coastal beds with seaside style. Do you have a favorite decor style tip for a coastal bedroom? We hope you’ve found some decor ideas that inspire you to expand your coastal home decor. As an additional resource, take a look at our 12 Ways to Add Coastal Decor to your Home post.  

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