17 Coastal Sideboards We Adore

Searching for coastal sideboards that evoke a beach vibe? But not sure where to start? Finding the right sideboard might feel challenging but if you have a particular style in mind such as coastal then you are in the right place. First of all, a sideboard can have other names. They are sometimes referred to as consoles, buffet tables, and servers. 

The body of a sideboard tends to be larger in size but with shorter legs. Designed with the idea to maximize storage. Likewise, sideboards have sliding doors. In contrast, a buffet table and some sideboards have higher legs with less storage space. Servers, a third option for dining rooms, are smaller in size. The server has open shelving. It is smaller in width size than a sideboard or buffet table. The compact server is more formal and used for formal dinner occasions. A console is similar to a sideboard in that it has the most amount of storage.     

Sideboards are great additions to dining rooms. This is especially true in newer homes since many older homes have built-in sideboards or cabinets. Store dishes, glassware, tablecloths, napkins, candlesticks, and more in a sideboard. And of course, the surface of the sideboard is a great place for decorative objects that you love. 

Although, the top side or surface of sideboards can be utilized for dinner meals and parties as well. Set up a self-serve area or buffet style serving station. Create an aesthetically pleasing area to present platters of food on special occasions using the surface of a sideboard. Set up a refreshment station, as an alternative to serving food. A refreshment station can easily serve coffee, tea, milk, or juices for a brunch meal. Get creative with your meal displays using a sideboard.      

A Carefree Decor Style – Coastal Sideboards

For today’s post, we are sharing coastal sideboards for your dining room or home space. We’ve listed beautifully designed sideboards for a beach, lake, or Summer house. Many of these sideboards have rattan as an accent detail. And a few are made from reclaimed wood or timber. Find several sideboards for a modern coastal style decor. Since the modern coastal style is very popular due to its relaxed and driven by leisure lifestyle. Create this easy decor style in your home.   

With our readers in mind, we have rounded up a list of 17 coastal sideboards that we know you’ll adore as much as we do. Roomy sideboards with a distinct beach vibe. Celebrate the coastal lifestyle with any of these sideboards. Take a look at our list of sideboards.  

Select any of these sideboards for your dining room or home space. Each sideboard was selected because each one easily fits into a coastal, bohemian, beach or island home style decor. We’d love to know what your thoughts are about these beautiful sideboards? As an additional resource, check out our 12 Ways to Add Coastal Decor to your Home post. Find some great tips and tricks for styling a coastal home in this important post. 

We always love hearing from all our readers. In the comments below, don’t forget to let us know which sideboards you like best. 

On a Final Note .. 

Our list of coastal sideboards has come to an end now. Do you have a favorite sideboard that you like? We especially like the sideboards with the various rattan details. Everyone of these sideboards will make any room look beautiful. Rattan, natural, and neutral colored furnishings always look great in coastal settings. We love all these sideboards! We hope you found a sideboard that fits your home needs and space. 

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