18 Perfect Places to Style a Coastal Vignette in a Beach Home

Looking for perfect places to style a coastal vignette in your home? In today’s post, we share the many places in your home that you can style a vignette. As many of you may already be aware, a vignette tells a story. A story about you, your family, or your home. And in a design story or vignette, objects are displayed that help tells the story you want to tell. 

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Since vignettes are easy to style, it is no wonder that they are a popular way to decorate. As you may have discovered already, vignettes are easily refreshed from season to season or for every celebration. And a great way to give a room visual interest.   

Places to Style a Coastal Vignette Tips

So, you’ve found the perfect spot to style a vignette? Then we have a few tips to help you build your vignette. As you begin to gather your objects, consider the size of the space you will use. A bookcase shelf has a limited amount of space whereas a tabletop will have more.  

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As you assemble your vignette, consider the following tips for a stronger visual interest presence:

  • Use objects with a variety of heights 
  • Mix objects with different textures and similar colors 
  • Stack a set of books to elevate smaller objects 
  • Display smaller collections in containers or pedestal bowls 
  • Mix shorter objects with taller ones 
  • Use vases, candlesticks, lamps, or planters to add height   

And now we begin our styling ideas to design the perfect vignette at home. Take a look. 

Places to Style a Coastal Vignette 

Embellish a Tabletop  

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Wrap it with nautical rope and adorn it with seashells. 

Create a Floor Vignette – Places to Style a Coastal Vignette 

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When using larger objects such as vintage luggage, create the vignette on the floor. A large framed map is the background for this vignette. Two oversized vintage luggage pieces support the ship wall art. The lure of travel by boat is perfectly captured in this vignette.  

Make Your Tabletop Shine 

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For a spectacular display, create a vignette on a mirror tabletop. The reflective image creates a more powerful statement. We love how the greenery and rope knot provides contrast to space. 

Style a Room with a View 

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For the perpetual room with a view, style a coastal vignette on the window sill. After all, with a window sill vignette, there are no rooms without a view nor are there any bad weather days. Display a gorgeous art painting by the Cornish artist Ken Bruce. On center stage is a blue and white striped Cornish jug filled with fresh white ranunculus. And in the background, a sandpiper stands looking outward. 

Design a Kitchen Counter Vignette 

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With a gray fish scale tile background, create a garden vignette. Whether you use fresh flowers or container plants, the kitchen is perfect for a mini garden. Many plants do well in spaces with higher humidity levels such as a kitchen. 

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Pile High a Coastal Collection on a Shelf

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Against a white wall background, display your driftwood collection alongside a coral piece. 

Keep a Bird Collection on a Console Table

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When you create a vignette that tells a story, the story of your fondness of birds. Grow a bird of paradise plant next to a blue parrot. Display coral pieces as bookends. 

Create a Seashell Tower on a Tabletop – Places to Style a Coastal Vignette

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Present your seashell collection on a wooden tier tray. 

Reserve a Shelf Exclusively for Your Seashells

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Store your prized seashell collection on a pedestal and covered jars. Dedicate an entire bookshelf for this unique collection. 

Stack Your Best Coastal Decor Books on a Tabletop

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Keep your coastal interior design books nearby for inspirational ideas. Create a vignette of stacked books and fish. 

Celebrate Every Holiday on the Mantel – Places to Style a Coastal Vignette

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Cheer every holiday and season by decorating your mantel. Make it as elaborate as you like. There are no hard rules, let your imagination create magic. Love this!

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Confine it to the Upstairs Landing

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Give them a gentle reminder on how to start the day. Only then will they learn lifelong lessons. As an example, control the urge to clean your fish here. Display images of boats and replicas of sailboats for a coastal vignette. A clever and whimsical display of all that the ocean offers.   

Style it on the Coffee Table – Places to Style a Coastal Vignette 

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Give your mermaid a center stage space. Follow by creating an ocean-like space where she would reside. 

Fill a Floating Shelf – Places to Style a Coastal Vignette

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Go with air purifying houseplants in an entryway floating shelf. Take advantage of greenery mixed with blue and white containers. Perfect vignette for a small space. 

Grow it on an Entryway Hall Table

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Keep your houseplants in a light-filled room. Grow a green vignette on an entryway hall table. Add mirrors to reflect the natural light. Finish it off with some vintage wood storage boxes. 

Display a Vignette on a Bureau 

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Using accessories in a whitewashed finish, style a vignette on a bureau. A beautiful painting, a jasmine plant in a whitewashed container elevated by two books. Simple but striking scene. 

Set it Out on a Buffet Table – Places to Style a Coastal Vignette

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Give your vignette a vintage coastal theme on a buffet table. And in this vignette, display items found by a child over a summer beach vacation. 

Place it Next to your Bed on a Nightstand

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Keep pleasant memories next to your bed. Style a vignette on your bedside table. A simple clean display for a relaxing evening. 

In Closing – Places to Style a Coastal Vignette 

This ends our list of inspirational ideas about the places to style a coastal vignette.  As you can see, there are many places throughout the home where you can design a vignette.  

For inspiration on styling a vignette on a tray, take a look at our post titled coastal tray styling ideas to design a vignette. In that post, we shared the 27 best coastal tray styling ideas to design a vignette using a tray as a base. Perfect for personalizing summertime memories with family photos.   

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We hope our 18 perfect places to style a coastal vignette in a beach home gave you some ideas. Vignettes are perfect for tabletops, mantels, stairway landings, window sills, kitchen countertops, and more. As you may know, the more surface space you have the larger your vignette can be. If you try these vignette styling ideas, let us know how you make out. We would love to hear from you, our readers, about your home decor projects. 

Love the casual look of coastal decorating? Be sure to check out our coastal decor post filled with helpful tips. Appropriately named 12 Ways to Add Coastal Decor to your Home. And for additional coastal ideas, we included links to some of our other posts below.      

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Enjoy our other decor related posts for additional ideas.   

Reach out to us with any questions. We are always ready to help you out. Thank you for stopping by our blog. 


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