15 Best Rattan Pot Planters with Boho Style

Rattan pot planters for the home. Extend your decor style to your houseplants with beautiful rattan planters. Add great style to the home with rattan and its many warm earthy tones. Planters are both useful and attractive. Wrap your houseplants in a rattan planter. Give your plants a finished look using a planter by concealing the plant’s container which is often plastic and unattractive. Keep your flooring protected with a planter.    

We are sharing the beautiful relaxed laid back style of rattan pot planters in today’s post. As you can see in the image above, the planter is much more attractive than a plastic pot container. Bring the warmth of rattan to your houseplants by concealing your plant’s cold, dull plastic container.

Use Planters that Keep Plants Healthy and Thriving

Be sensible. Help your plants in many ways with planters. Make your plant more attractive with a decorative covering such as rattan for starters. Help keep the plant’s soil from washing or spilling out of the container. In an outdoor setting, this is similar to soil erosion. In order for the plant to live and thrive, the plant’s roots must be covered with potting soil. This keeps the root system moist and healthy. Protect the plant’s root system from damage with the use of a planter and not exposed to the air. Another important point is that potting soil retains moisture and keeps the root system hydrated after being watered. The plant’s soil takes longer to dry out inside a planter. Prevent soil and water from spillage with a planter to protect indoor flooring.  

Think Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Materials – Rattan Pot Planters

Love the rattan and wicker style of home accessories and furnishings as we do? There are many reasons we are attracted to rattan and use it as much as possible. If you are wondering what the benefits are of rattan, well we’ll show you. There are quite a few benefits of using rattan in your home. You’ll agree that rattan is the way to go! Rattan – 

  • Save space – space saving and ideal for small-space living 
  • Lightweight – portable, easily moves from room to room   
  • Versatile – adapts to many decor styles as well as covered outdoor spaces
  • Durable – rattan material with the proper care lasts many years   
  • Attractive – there are many designer furnishings and styles
  • Range of price points – affordable furnishings in many price ranges 
  • Sustainable – material that doesn’t deplete non-renewable resources 

The best thing about rattan is that it is suitable for every room in the home. Furnish the living room with rattan as well as the bedroom and bathroom with rattan accessories and furniture. You won’t be disappointed. 

Live with Eco-Friendly Rattan – Rattan Pot Planters

Show off your favorite houseplants inside a planter. Consider rattan when shopping for household accessories and furniture for the simple reason it is sustainable. Sustainable means this. Use sustainable rattan which helps protect forests so that they are not depleted of critical resources including water and soil. Keep the habitat intact and unspoiled. Don’t impact the wildlife habitat which is just as important.  

Use sustainable rattan that provides a way for local families who may not have other options to earn income. In turn, local families recognize the importance of protecting their surrounding forests and ecosystem. Safeguarding the forest and lands so that natural resources aren’t plundered, local families help maintain the natural balance of the habitat. Protect the land from destructive practices with the help of local families. Maintain the natural habitat for all wildlife whether endangered or not to continue to exist within this habitat.  

Finally, sustainable rattan sees to it that these natural resources necessary for rattan production are never depleted. In fact, the raw materials are protected so that natural resources continue to remain plentiful. There is no better reason to integrate sustainable, eco-friendly rattan furnishings into your home. Consider rattan is sustainable. Take a look at our rattan pot planters for houseplants. 

Warm Up your Home with the Look of Rattan – Rattan Pot Planters

Select any of these rattan pot planters for your home or home office. Each pot planter was selected for its boho style which can easily fit a coastal design as well. Style your home with the warmth and casual look of rattan. Share with us what you think about these rattan planters, we’d love to know.   

This is the end of our rattan pot planters for the home. Do you have a favorite planter that you love? If so, we’d love to hear about it. Share with us your thoughts as we always love hearing from our readers. Let us know in the comments below. Hopefully, you’ve found a planter that you love.  


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