Wood-Burning Fire Pits for Your Patio

There is nothing like the smell and warmth of a wood-burning fire pit to sit around on a crisp evening. Here are 12 eye-catching wood-burning fire pits to build your outdoor seating area around. These pits allow you to safely enjoy a controlled fire near your party. Using firewood or fire logs, they do not require propane or other fuels. Install one of these in your sitting area and enjoy dancing flames and warming heat.

1.) Seabridge Steel Fire Pit

Seabridge Steel fire pit #FirePit #OutdoorLiving #Patio #OutdoorSpaces
Seabridge Steel Fire Pit

The Seabridge is a sleek and modern wood-burning fire pit fashioned out of heat-resistant magnesium oxide steel. It borrows from the vessel-style sink vanities popular in home design with its 19 3/4″ round black bowl. The entire unit measures 14 1/4″ x 25 1/4″ and stands 20 1/8″ tall.  The base comes in a choice of dark granite or gray cement finishes.

2.) Nyora Cast Iron and Steel Chiminea

Nyora Chiminea #FirePit #OutdoorLiving #Patio #OutdoorSpaces
Wood-burning fire pits: Nyora Chiminea

The Nyora cast iron chiminea borrows from the traditional pot-belly outdoor fireplace styling but uses durable cast iron and steel instead of the more traditional clay or terracotta. The stove pipe design keeps the occasional rain sprinkle from extinguishing your fire!

This unit stands 53″ tall and is 21″ wide.

3.) Bedford Steel Fire Pit

Bedford Fire Pit #FirePit #OutdoorLiving #Patio #OutdoorSpaces
Bedford Fire Pit

The Bedford is a low (13.4″ H) and wide (28″ W) wood-burning fire pit that is sleek in design and crafted in durable black powder-coated steel. Features an elevated log grate to promote air circulation, and includes a steel poker.

4.) Upside Steel Fire Pit

Upside fire pit #firepit #outdoorliving #patio
Upside Fire Pit

The Upside wood-burning fire pit by Ebern Designs features a large rectangular frame made of heat-resistant magnesium oxide and a removable fire bin for cleaning/draining. The shape is perfect if you have a longer seating area.

Measures 18 7/8″ W x 30 3/4″ L x 15 3/8″ H.

5.) Eydis Steel Fire Pit

Eydis fire pit #FirePit #OutdoorLiving #Patio #OutdoorSpaces
Eydis Fire Pit

The square-shaped Eydis fire pit by Latitude Run is made of durable steel and features carry handles and a removable grate to keep your logs elevated. It also features a drain that makes it easy to clean or flush. Measures 24″ W x 26″ L x 19″ H.

6.) Layton Copper Fire Pit

Layton Copper fire pit #FirePit #OutdoorLiving #Patio #OutdoorSpaces
Layton Copper Fire Pit

Frontgate’s Layton fire pit features a round, two-piece design with a powder-coated iron base and a 100% solid copper fire bowl.  The bowl has a removable iron grate for ventilation.  Measures 32″ in diameter and 12 1/4″ H.

7.) Maison Copper-Finish Bowl Fire Pit

Maison fire pit #FirePit #OutdoorLiving #Patio #OutdoorSpaces
Maison Fire Pit

The Maison fire pit by Hampton Bay features a durable steel bowl with an attractive copper finish and black decorative steel base. The steel bowl keeps the fire pit an economical choice if you like the copper look.

Measures 30″ diameter by 20.5″ H.

8.) Hammered Copper 30-in Round fire pit

Hammered Copper fire pit #FirePit #OutdoorLiving #Patio #OutdoorSpaces
Hammered Copper Fire Pit

The Hammered Copper round wood-burning fire pit features a beautiful and durable hammered copper bowl supported by iron legs. This complete setup also includes a metal mesh cover to protect against sparks, along with a poker and metal grate.

Measures 30 1/4″ diameter x 23 1/2″ H.

9.) Corsica Stainless fire pit

Corsica Stainless fire pit #FirePit #OutdoorLiving #Patio #OutdoorSpaces
Corsica Stainless Fire Pit

The Corsica stainless fire pit by Wrought Studio features a contemporary two-piece design.  The stylish criss-cross stand is finished in stainless steel while the fire bowl is finished in untreated carbon steel.  The carbon steel will rust and develop a natural patina over time, creating a contrast between the stand and bowl.  Available in 2 sizes.

Measures 38″ W x 38″ L x 18″ H.

10.) Twomey Steel Fire Pit

Twomey Steel fire pit #FirePit #OutdoorLiving #Patio #OutdoorSpaces
Twomey Steel Fire Pit

The Twomey steel fire pit from Derby Home features an attractive hexagonal base and bowl surrounded by a lattice design. This fire pit is fully enclosed with a mesh cover and the lattice to improve safety from sparks. Made from steel and finished in a bronze color.

Measures 24″ L x 24″ W x 25″ H.

11.) 26-in Iron Chimenea

26-in Iron Chimenea #FirePit #OutdoorLiving #Patio #OutdoorSpaces
26-in Iron Chimenea

The 26-in Iron fire pit chimenea borrows the covered chimenea design in a sleek Asian lantern style.  The fire pit is hand-casted with steel sheet and wrought iron and finished in a durable powder-coated finish.  This would add not only some warmth and the glow of a fire but also some Asian flare to your patio or outdoor space.

Measures 26″ W x 26 1/4″ L x 37.5″ H.

12.) Solo Stove

Solo Stove #FirePit #OutdoorLiving #Patio #OutdoorSpaces
Solo Stove

The Solo Stove is a 30 inch diameter steel wood-burning fire pit crafted out of stainless steel.  This fire pit is designed to circulate air better within the pit, which the manufacturer claims significantly reduces smoke and increases burning efficiency.  Also available in two smaller sizes.

Hopefully this list of wood-burning fire pits gave you some inspiration for warming up your outdoor living space.  While fire pits are wonderful additions to your space, please be aware of some very important safety precautions:

  • Always make sure you install a fire pit on a fire-proof or fire-resistant surface. Stone or tile patios or a lawn area cleared of surrounding grass and covered with sand is best. Before installing on a wood deck make sure your fire pit is safe for use on wood surfaces.
  • Open fires create hot flames, sparks and ash that can burn you or ignite surrounding material. Consider a fire pit with a screened cover for additional protection or if you regularly have windy conditions.
  • Always be careful with young children (and adults!) around any open flames. Also, most fire pit exteriors will get hot with use and can burn to the touch.

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We hope this post gave you lots of ideas for staying warm during the chilly evenings on your patio! If you have ideas for fire pits that you recommend, leave a comment below!

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