Burl Wood Nightstands – 4 of the Most Beautiful

Burl wood nightstands with a refined decor style. The unique grain patterns of swirls and knots make burl wood furniture truly unique. Each type of wood has its unique color, enhancing the appeal of burl wood furniture. The beauty and scarcity of burl wood make it more expensive than other woods. Burl wood occurs when a tree experiences disease, damage, infestation, trauma, or weather-related injury to its branches, trunk, or root system. This damage stuns the trees’s regular growth cycle. After a tree experiences this damage, it continues to grow but in a deformed manner, creating a burl.       

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Although burl wood furniture tends to be a little pricier, it is worth the extra cost. Furniture covered with burl wood veneers is worth the price. The workmanship is outstanding. This type of wood furniture has been widely used in Europe for centuries. However, burl wood initially regained popularity in the Art Deco period of the 1920s. It continued through the Hollywood Regency period of the 1930s. Today, furniture made from burl wood is popular again due to its natural and organic look. 

In modern interior design, burl wood is seeing a significant resurgence. This trendy decor style is perfect for creating a statement using burl wood furniture. These timeless furniture pieces are relevant now as well as tomorrow. In today’s post, we share nightstands beautifully crafted from burl wood. 

 Store Essentials in Burl Wood Nightstands

Nightstands are perfect for storing bedtime essentials. Likewise, keep a water pitcher and glass on a nightstand to quench your thirst overnight quickly. A nightstand is a great place to store books, reading glasses, and other essential reading materials.  

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In this image above, a nightstand made from burl walnut wood stands ready to hold bedtime essentials. A concave design chest with antique brass ring pull hardware. It is a lovely addition to any bedroom.

Our Picks for Burl Wood Nightstands 

On to our picks of burl wood nightstands for a lavish decor style. Look at our selection of the nightstands for your bedroom. Perfect for decorating a guest room or your bedroom.

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