Soft Silver Nightstands – 9 for a Glamorous Look

Soft silver nightstands for a refined decor style. If you love the glamorous look, then you’ll love metallic-colored furniture. That is furniture with silver, champagne, bronze, gold, or copper finishes. These metal colors can make your room look chic and glamorous.

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In today’s post, we share nightstands in a soft silver finish to achieve an elegant look for your home. These gorgeous nightstands make a significant impact on your room. Keep your bedtime essentials beside your bed for easy access during the evening. The subtle shimmering paint color makes for a dreamy night’s rest.    

 Storage and Design – Soft Silver Nightstands

Nightstands provide two elements. First, nightstands, especially those with drawers and shelves, provide storage. Second, nightstands provide a surface for decorating with everyday objects. Bedside tables are sometimes used as nightstands next to a bed. However, there is a difference between a nightstand and a bedside table. The difference is that nightstands are typically oversized and have more storage space.

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On the other hand, bedside tables are compact and smaller. Consider a bedside table if you have limited space in your home. More oversized bedrooms can accommodate nightstands in larger sizes. Remember, with a bedside table, the tabletop surface is smaller. Use a smaller lamp on a bedside table. Always keep in mind that accessories should be to scale. Smaller tables need smaller accessories, whereas larger tables can accommodate larger accessories.     

Consider Your Nightstand Storage Needs

Nightstands with drawers and shelves provide storage space for nighttime essentials. What are some of those essentials? Nightstand drawers are perfect for containing reading glasses, books, journals, writing pens, and other reading materials. Store medication, a tissue box, a personal phone, or any electronics you need by your bedside. 

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What can you keep on your nightstand? Give your nightstand a light source, such as a table lamp. The lamp should be to scale. Large nightstands can support a larger lamp. Create a vignette for the nightstand’s tabletop surface to match your decor style. Design a simple vignette with any of these items. Display a light source, a water pitcher with a drinking glass, a plant or faux floral arrangement, a personal object, or a scented candle. Personalize the space with framed family, pet, or vacation photos. A vignette tells a story about you, your family, or your home.  

Our Picks for Soft Silver Nightstands 

On to our picks of soft silver nightstands for a glam decor style. Take a look at our favorite nightstands for your bedroom. These make great nightstands for a guest room or your bedroom.  

Be sure to share with us which nightstands are your favorites. Let us know what you think. 

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