11 Modern Martini Tables for Cocktail Parties

Modern martini tables for the best cocktail parties. Accent tables are perfect for setting a drink while you mingle with friends. This accent table is also known by other names. Those names include cocktail, drink, or side tables. They are smaller tables that accommodate a glass or small plate of food. The table is usually small and slender, holding a single drink or plate of food for one guest. 

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These lightweight tables can quickly move from one place to another without much effort. The original intent of the slender table was to hold a martini glass. Today, the accent table supports a cup of coffee, tea, books, or small plates.

Origin of the Martini – Modern Martini Tables

There are several versions of how the Martini originated. One of the more interesting versions is that the drink originated in Martinez, California. Historians and locals in Martinez claim the glass was a local creation. The story goes that in the mid-1800s, a miner arrived in the town of Martinez during the Gold Rush days. The miner’s purpose was to celebrate his good fortune. He requested a glass of Champagne to toast his mining success. However, the local town bar did not stock the Champagne drink. The clever bartender mixed the ingredients he had on hand to create a unique celebratory drink. This included gin, vermouth, bitters, and maraschino liqueur with lemon. The unique blend of ingredients turned out to be a huge success. So popular among the locals that it was featured in the Bartender’s Manual for that period.     

Another story maintains that the drink borrowed its name from an Italian liquor producer. It adopted its name from the Italian sweet vermouth produced by Martini and Rossi. The drink was served to guests at the Occidental Hotel in nearby San Francisco. This was during the 1860s period. During those days, the Occidental Hotel was a frequent ferry stop between San Francisco and Martinez, California. 

Our Picks for Modern Martini Tables 

Now we begin our picks of Modern Martini Tables for your home. Look at our selection of the best cocktail tables. Perfect for the cocktail hour at your home.  

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