12 Gold Reading Floor Lamps for Your Reading Nook

Gold reading floor lamps for reading spaces, nooks, home libraries, desks, and more. Reading lights are the ultimate reading aid for a reading nook. A reading lamp is a small lamp used on a table or floor that aids reading. Most reading lamps can be adjusted to focus light on your reading or working area. Reading lamps can be table or floor lamps explicitly used for reading. We share our picks of gold-finished reading floor lamps in today’s post. 

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The purpose of reading light is to aid in reading from a book or device. A reading light focuses enough to allow the reader to read without much effort. Reading lights can be either table lamps or floor lamps.     

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Task lighting focuses on lighting a single area. This is a single focus area for tasks such as reading or writing. The best lamps for reading are those with LED lights. LED lights save energy and last longer than other lights. They are the perfect light for reading and studying. LED lights deliver the brightest light with warm or cool bulbs.  

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It is important to note that the watts or wattage is the electrical power measurement. It is the energy consumption of a bulb. The lumen measurement refers to the brightness level of the bulb. The packaging of bulbs indicates the lumen count and wattage too.  

Warm and soft white lights of the 2700K – 3000K Kelvin range help reduce eye strain. They improve sleep quality. This makes them suitable for cozy reading nooks or bedroom study sessions. Use a 40-watt bulb with 470 lumens for daily reading and writing. To avoid eye stress and be able to read for long periods, use a 60-watt bulb with a lumen count of 800. So the lumen brightness count is 800. An LED or light-emitting diode bulb produces 800 lumens in brightness and uses about 9 watts. This is a substantial energy-saving difference. 

If you are a light reader, only reading a minimal amount of literature, then a bulb with 250 lumens is sufficient. Avoid using a high-lumen light bulb at bedtime since it may disrupt your sleep schedule because of its brightness. 

Screen Time Reading Limitations

Use two light sources when using a laptop screen for maximum reading. The first is the primary centralized source of room light. The second source of light is a smaller light near the reading site. Both lights should fall near your screen but never directly on your screen. Avoid lighting your screen now, which will make it too bright. 

Install a blue-light filter app on your PC or phone device to reduce the light warmth from the screen. This will enable you to read for extended periods without feeling stressed. Alternatively, lower the brightness of your screen when you are reading for more extended periods.

Floor Lamp Placement – Gold Reading Floor Lamps

There are several places where a floor lamp comes in handy. These are a few ideas for placing your floor lamp.

  1. In an entryway or foyer – place a floor lamp that illuminates the entrance to the home. Walking into a dark room can be tricky to maneuver. Leaving a floor lamp on a timer helps get you inside without mishaps. 
  2. Behind a TV – keep a floor lamp by your TV. This creates a soft light behind the TV and creates contrast. In a dark room with limited or no lighting, light from the TV will reduce glare and eye strain.  
  3. In a corner – light up your corners with a floor lamp. The floor lamp will bounce light off of two walls for overall room illumination. This is primarily a good idea if the corner has a reading nook. 
  4. Behind a sofa – light up the area behind your sofa. Floor lamps give depth to the spaces behind a sofa. In addition to this, the lamp provides a reading light over your shoulder. 
  5. Next to a desk – brighten your workspace with bright task light. Illuminate your work desk while reading and working. Set your floor lamp next to your desk. Consider a reading floor lamp with an adjustable head to direct light to the desk surface.  
  6. Next to the base of a stairway – Light up the stairway base so the staircase is well light. 
  7. In the center of the room – expansive, large living and family rooms set up a floor lamp to illuminate the center of the room. Electrical outlets may be further away to plug a floor lamp. Install electrical outlets on the floor to access power without using extension cords. Extension cords can be hazardous if left loose. 

Our Picks of Gold Reading Floor Lamps 

Now we begin our picks of gold-finished reading floor lamps for your reading nook. Look at our selection of the best floor lamps. Perfect for any reading space or book nook.  

Be sure to share with us which books are your favorites. Let us know what you think. 

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