17 Game Table Styling Ideas to Get Your Game On

Game table styling ideas that keep your family ahead of the game. Your family will always return for more with a dedicated game table area. Style a room specifically for family game nights. Extend those nights with these game-changing ideas you’ll love. We share great ideas for styling a game table for family and friends today.   

Give the Game Away – Game Table Styling Ideas

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Chess Table

Search for a game table with family and friends in mind. Keep your family entertained on rainy nights, snow days, and over the summer months with family game nights. Schedule and plan regular game nights for the family are worth the effort. 

Pick a game table that meets your family’s needs and size. Game tables are found with many options and accessories. Accessories that include cup holders, dice trays, dice towers, player stations, USB ports, and more. 

Benefits of Family Game Nights – Game Table Styling Ideas

There are many benefits associated with playing board games with family. Listed below are just a few benefits of family game activities at home.

  • Promotes long-lasting family bonds
  • Learns how to follow instructions 
  • Learns strategy skills  
  • Develops problem-solving skills 
  • Improves communication skills 
  • Encourages healthy competition 
  • It gives insight into how others approach a challenge
  • Encourage healthy competition
  • Understanding your game opponents 
  • Learn patience

Let the Games Begin – Game Table Styling Ideas

New to the Game? Create a space for family game night with ideas from our list of game table styling ideas. Make your home a place to play games, solve a puzzle, and enjoy the company of your family. Family time is the best-kept secret to happiness. Keep your home ready for those weekly game nights your kids want to participate in. 

And now, we begin our list of styling ideas for a game table. Take advantage of these pro tips for creating a family game room. Take a look. 

Challenge Them to a Game of Chess – Game Table Styling Ideas 

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Create a game nook for a game of chess or cards. Cover a wall with navy fabric around the fireplace for a dramatic look. What a stunning space!

Designate a Space in the Basement 

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Set up the basement for family time. Designate the basement as a recreational area. To one side is the TV, and on the other side is a game table for family get-togethers. 

Bring Your Game On  – Game Table Styling Ideas 

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Start your games on the Regency Game Table. Outfitted for four and ready for a game of chess. 

Keep the Games Going    

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Tuck away a game table underneath the stair steps. Add a set of Wishbone Chairs for added comfort.     

Winning Idea with Natural Light  

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Style, a Parson’s Table by a bright window with abundant natural light.    

Make it Versatile  – Game Table Styling Ideas 

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Keep a game table for multiple uses. In this setting, the table doubles as a dining table.  

Stay Ahead of the Game with this Table 

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Add a Valentina Game Table to stay ahead of the game. Pair the table with a set of Parson’s Chairs. Sit back and enjoy that view!     

Make it a Banquet – Game Table Styling Ideas 

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Pair this antique banquet with a game table and pouf. Now you are ahead of the style game. 

Corner That Game Table   

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Make it a Chappy Game Table. Pair it with two cane chairs.  

Stream in the Summer Light  

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Inspired by the Art Deco rug with vintage French planters.  

Ahead of the Game with a Plaster Table – Game Table Styling Ideas 

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Surround a plaster game table with gold-tooled leather chairs. This oak-lined living room is filled with art and color. We love the plaster game table! 

Get Ready for All Fun and Games    

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Return to Mid-Modern style with this living room game table corner. Think of John August Reed, Frank Lloyd Wright, and R.M. Schindler. Impressive California Ranch-style living!

Be on the Game with Lots of Storage – Game Table Styling Ideas 

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Get ahead of the game with this vintage game table set. Placed near a wall full of shelves to keep game boards and accessories tidy and close by. What a winning match game!

Circle Your Game Table 

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Unplug your days with a fully outfitted game table. Surround your table with ottomans for evenings with special quality family time.  

Make it the Only Game in Town – Game Table Styling Ideas 

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Place your white oak game table next to the built-in seating. Let the games begin in this sea of white oak, white furnishings, and rattan accessories. Brilliantly design!  

Be At the Top of the Game with This Combination 

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The design is balanced with a Modern Vintage style. The game is over with this winning style. Start with the blackened wood sculptural game table. Cluster vintage Danish cane chairs around the game table under the Allied Maker’s sculptural wall light. Beautifully curated 1920’s Spanish Modern living room style.    

Celebrate Chinoiserie Game Style 

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If you want a chinoiserie game table like this one, style it with unforgettable furnishings and accessories. Add a grouping of bamboo chairs and a riser for the center of the game table. Bamboo and palm plants make an even bigger impression. Definitely chinoiserie chic!

This ends our list of game table styling ideas post. Designate a special space in your home for family game nights.  Be sure to share with us which ideas are your favorites. Let us know what you think. 

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Reach out to us with any questions. We love hearing from our readers. Thank you for dropping by and taking a look at our blog. 


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