14 Ways to Decorate with Valentine Garland This Season

Valentine garland is a cinch to use. A fun and easy way to decorate with. In today’s post, we are sharing the many ways to decorate your home with festive red and pink Valentine’s Day garland. Garlands can be made of paper, felt, fabric, and other materials. The garland shapes include round balls, hearts, letters of X and O, and others. And the size of the objects can range from small to larger. The length of the garland can also vary.

Heart Felt Garland #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas
Heart Felt Garland

Using garland is very easy. It can be draped, hung, or coiled in a vignette. Brighten any area of your home with beautiful garland strands of varying lengths.

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XO Felt Banner

Ideas for Decorating with Garland – Valentine Garland

Today, we will show you the many ways you can decorate with Valentine’s Day garland. Style it with a whimsical look in mind. Or for a bolder and more dramatic look. It’s your home and your style. Take a look at these awesome decorating ideas. 

Make it a Double              

Valentine Garland In 1 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Hang a string of lights for the evening time and a paper heart strand for the daytime. Make the best of evening and daytime for this entryway over Valentine’s season.        

Use a Paper Strand of Hearts – Valentine Garland             

In 2 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Don’t forget about your open shelves. Add a strand of garland across the top shelf for an extra dose of prettiness.  

Embellish your Mantel              

In 3 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Decorate with several strands of garlands in various lengths. Be sure to use various shapes and colors of garland.   

Mix it Up Over Wall Artwork              

Valentine Garland In 4 1 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Combine strands of garlands of different types. For example, in this inspirational image, the styler uses a strand of tassels and one of the alternating felt hearts with balls. And all in a variety of colors too.   

Valentine Garland In 4 2 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Drape Over a Console             

Valentine Garland In 5 1 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Use greenery and strings of garland for contrast as well as visual interest. Add some candlesticks and you have this amazing background.   

In 5 2 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

String Across the Bed              

In 6 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Display an alternating string of hearts and Xs with Os above the bed headboard.

Hang Over the Front Door              

In 7 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Save a few strands for the front door. The front door and porch look great with a little Valentine’s love too. Don’t you think?       

Style it on Your Open Shelves – Valentine Garland             

In 8 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Style your coffee bar or open shelves with tassel garlands. Along with pink serving pieces, the strand brings warmth to the kitchen area.  

Decorate a Floating Shelf              

In 9 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Add a little dramatic color to a floating shelf. Display a couple of Valentine decor accessories for a big impact.        

Drape Across a Window Frame – Valentine Garland             

Valentine Garland In 10 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Use strings of garlands to adorn a wooden window frame. In this example, the styler used neutral-colored beads and hearts.  

Embellish a Coat Hook Rack             

In 11 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Give your entryway a strand with Valentine’s Day greeting! Simple yet so uplifting.       

Drape Across a Vignette – Valentine Garland             

In 12 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Use a strand of garlands to decorate a vignette.  

Make your Mantel About Love and Affection              

In 13 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

Mix a variety of garland strands across your mantel.        

Decorate the Piano – Valentine Garland             

In 14 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas

String a group of garlands across the family piano. So, festive and enduring.  

In Closing – Decorating Ideas for Strands of Garlands 

Valentine's Day Banners at Etsy #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGarland #HomeDecor #ValentineDecorIdeas
Valentine’s Day Banners

This ends our list of Valentine garland decorating ideas for the Valentine season. Decorate your home this Valentine’s day using one of these ideas. A quick and easy decorating idea.

Be sure to check out our other posts for additional Valentine decor inspiration. 

Reach out to us with any questions. We are always ready to help you out. Thank you for stopping by our blog. 

Wishing you Valentine’s Day filled with love this year!


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