8 Best Picnic Tables for Family Fun

Say Goodbye to the Cold Get your Backyard Ready with a Picnic Table #Picnic #PicnicTables #Backyard #FamilyPicnic #FamilyFun #BackyardPicnicTable #BeachHouse #SummerHouse #LakeHouse #CoastalHome
8 Picnic Tables Get your Backyard Ready for the Summer Now #Picnic #PicnicTables #Backyard #FamilyPicnic #FamilyFun #BackyardPicnicTable #BeachHouse #SummerHouse #LakeHouse #CoastalHome

Welcome the Sunny day back with a Picnic Picnic Tables for every family #Picnic #PicnicTables #Backyard #FamilyPicnic #FamilyFun #BackyardPicnicTable #BeachHouse #SummerHouse #LakeHouse #CoastalHome

8 Outdoor Picnic Tables for Summer Family Fun #Picnic #PicnicTables #Backyard #FamilyPicnic #FamilyFun #BackyardPicnicTable #BeachHouse #SummerHouse #LakeHouse #CoastalHome #Summer

Refresh Your Picnic Area with a Picnic Table this Spring Season #Picnic #PicnicTables #Backyard #FamilyPicnic #FamilyFun #BackyardPicnicTable #BeachHouse #SummerHouse #LakeHouse #CoastalHome #Summer

Get ready to say goodbye to this cold snap by setting up your picnic tables. Picnic tables provide loads of family fun over the Summer time. Are you tired of the seemingly never-ending cold spells that linger well into the Spring season? We are. So let’s welcome the Sunny days of Spring with a new picnic table. Go ahead and schedule some backyard family time and fun. 

The picnic table, sometimes known as the picnic bench, is actually a table with two benches. Some tables have attached benches while other tables have benches that are detached. Traditionally, picnic tables were rectangular in shape. But in recent years you can find picnic tables that are constructed in square or circular shapes. The classic picnic table is not only a dinner table for the family but one that creates a lasting lifetime full of fond memories. 

The Tradition of Picnics – Picnic Tables 

Picnics were a very popular tradition during the Victorian period. The practice of covering the ground with a blanket was a common way to have a meal outdoors. Along with the picnic blanket came a basket full of food which was known as a picnic basket. Families and friends gathered together for a meal in an outdoor setting. 

The picnic blanket eventually evolved into the picnic table in 1903. A patent application was submitted by Charles H. Nielsen of Kreischerville, New York for a picnic table he designed. The table allowed families to gather outside for a meal even on days when the ground was damp. This first design was a portable and collapsible table. Families could transport the table with them. During this same period, the expansion of US national parks and forests grew across the country. Many national parks, state parks, and forest reserves installed fixed picnic tables as park amenities. And of course, the popularity of the picnic table grew.    

It was a great opportunity for family, friends, and neighbors to come together for a meal surrounded by nature. This family gathering was not limited to just the backyard and parks but eventually expanded to the beach, rivers, lakes, and water parks.  

Today’s Family Fun – Picnic Tables 

Today the backyard picnic table hosts barbecues, cookouts, and every kind of celebratory event you can think of. Refresh your backyard with a picnic table and bring back family time and fun. 

In an effort to bring back those days of family outdoor meals, we’ve gathered a selection of picnic tables. Perfect for your backyard lunch and dinner meals. Take a look at our selection of picnic tables.   

As you can see, a few of these picnic tables can seat more than just the average size family. Do you have any thoughts about these outdoor tables? We always love hearing from you, our readers. Let us know which is your favorite outdoor table in the comments below. 

Inspirational Ideas for a Picnic Table   

Ready for a few inspirational ideas for picnic tables? Below we are sharing a few ideas to inspire you. Make celebratory gatherings as festive and joyful as you like for family, friends, and neighbors. As you’ll see, the humble outdoor table has come a long way. Take a look at these inspirational ideas. 

Lunch spot perfect! A quiet day by the beach from the Maine Shorts Guy. We love the natural beauty of the Maine coastline. 

Celebrate birthday parties on a Picnic Table. We love the blues in this party decor. 

Now this is a party we wouldn’t decline an invitation to! A pink lover’s dream comes true. We love this garden outdoor setting for a joyous event.  

A sweet par-tea picnic to celebrate the mom-to-be. The outdoor table has a pink floral centerpiece. Lovely picnic table in a beautiful setting complete with a lemon tree in the backyard! Fresh lemons anyone?

This is the end of our list of outdoor picnic tables. Is there a favorite table that you like? We like the classic picnic table because of the many memories we have of outdoor picnics with family and friends. We hope you found an outdoor table that you like. 

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