15 Patio Wicker Sofas to Create an Unforgettable Outdoor Space

Patio wicker sofas to create a place for relaxation and family time. Spending time outdoors with friends is time well spent. Design an outdoor patio that is just as comfortable as your indoor home. Today we share wicker patio sofas for a comfortable outdoor experience. 

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What is a patio sofa? Designed for outdoor use, a patio sofa holds up to summer weather conditions. Made from weather-resistant materials, patio sofas are long-lasting. Rust-proof lightweight aluminum is one material used to construct outdoor furniture. Known by other names, patio sofas are also referred to as patio, outdoor, or garden furniture. 

Rattan and Wicker – Patio Wicker Sofas

Used interchangeably, rattan and wicker are not the same. Used to create a furniture piece or a woven basket, rattan is a material. Wicker is the process of wrapping or attaching the material to a furniture piece. 

Rattan is organic material that grows in a creeping habit along the forest floors. It primarily grows in Asia, Africa, and Australia. Local farmers harvest the plant once it has matured. Sorted and labeled according to size, the rattan is stored. Once the rattan has been prepared for use, a furniture crafter begins the wicker process. 

Wicker is the wrapping of rattan material onto a furniture frame. Wrap rattan strips, either in tight or loose patterns, over the furniture frame. Weave strips in a tight pattern to add strength to the furniture. Weave strips in a loose pattern to create intricate, decorative designs.       

Outdoor Patio Sofas

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Good quality outdoor furniture should be able to resist water. It can withstand the weather elements, and still retain its original beauty. Natural rattan furniture, however beautiful, is not resistant to water or outdoor elements. Natural rattan will begin to break down if left outdoors. 

Lucky for us, manufacturers saw the need to create outdoor furniture that resembles rattan furniture. Constructed from all-weather materials, rattan-looking furniture is durable. Known as resin rattan furniture. Designed for outdoor use. Developed to resist moisture, resin material extends the lifespan of outdoor furniture. Suited to outdoors and wetter climates, resin-made furniture is best.

Aluminum is another material that is suitable for wet climates. Even though aluminum is lightweight during a wind storm, it can blow away. Airborne aluminum furniture can be damaged once it lands on a hard surface. The use of aluminum-framed sofas for outdoor furniture is a popular choice. Designed to hold up during warmer months. During the winter months, cold weather can damage outdoor furniture. Protect outdoor all-weather furniture by covering furniture with patio furniture covers. Second, store outdoor furniture in a covered protective area. These two steps will help extend the life of your patio furniture.  

Looking for Quality in a Patio Sofa

Think about materials, weave, support, and cost when searching for quality patio furniture. Easily marked or damaged, lower-quality plastic material-made sofa sets have shorter life spans. Treated with UV protection with a powder-coated frame and hand-woven rattan, better quality all-weather furniture is best. Tighter weaves create a strong and durable support base. Looser weaves can unravel and lose strength. Loosely woven furniture may weaken and lead to furniture damage.

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Protect your outdoor furniture with a powder-coated aluminum frame. Prevent oxidization and rust with a powder-coated aluminum frame. Use primarily outdoors, and lightweight materials are a good choice for all-weather furniture. Manufacture steel-framed patio furniture is strong. Known for its strength properties, steel is good underneath a covered patio area. The downside is that steel will rust over time. Rust-covered steel is weaker and not to mention unsightly on a patio floor.  

Ideally, quality patio furniture has an aluminum frame and good all-weather wicker covering the frame. Lower-quality patio furniture has weaker furniture frames. Easily damaged, weaker frames bend. Thicker aluminum frames are sturdier and powder coated. They can withstand more weight. Weaker frames will give in and may droop because the thinner frame is unable to provide support. The base support system of patio furniture is important to note when purchasing outdoor furniture.    

Which is Better? Rattan or Wicker

All-weather rattan is the better choice for outdoor furniture. Wicker furniture that is not resin rattan is a lesser quality of outdoor furniture. Harvested from tropical forests, rattan is more durable for indoor rattan furniture. Wicker furniture made using all-weather resin is best for outdoor patio furniture.   

Outdoor Furniture Costs – Patio Wicker Sofas

The average cost of an outdoor wicker furniture set runs about $1000. Some furniture sets are even pricier and can run in the thousands. Consider the lifespan of the outdoor furniture set you are thinking about purchasing. Rattan furniture is more costly than wicker furniture. 

Natural rattan is pricer than all-weather wicker. Natural rattan-made sofas are for interior use only. Never expose indoor sofas to outdoor weather elements. Use outdoor all-weather sofas outside. In addition to this, natural rattan furniture lasts longer due to higher manufacturing costs. Bring warm wood tones to your home with the beauty of natural rattan. Rattan enhances the natural feeling within our homes.

Step by Step Instructions for Cleaning Rattan Furniture

To keep your rattan furniture in tip-top shape, follow these easy instructions for maintaining your furniture.

Start with a smaller handheld vacuum and brush attachment. Vacuum to remove loose dust and any soil particles. 

Use a soft toothbrush, skewer, or light tool to extract any soil, dust particles, or debris from the furniture. 

Scrub lightly with a soft cloth using a mix of warm, soapy water. Remove any remaining soil or food particles in the furniture.

Wash the rattan surface using soapy bubbles and a soft cloth. 

For hard-to-reach spaces, use a toothbrush to apply the bubbly to cracks and crevices. Then rinse.

Leave the furniture outside to dry thoroughly. Dry under the sun or in a well-ventilated area. 

Perform this routine cleaning maintenance either as needed or once a month. This will keep your rattan furniture looking its best year-round.

In Closing – Patio Wicker Sofas

On to our selection of amazing patio sofas. Take a look at these beautifully designed patio sofas. 

This ends our patio wicker sofa post. Create an unforgettable patio space with these patio sofas. Maintain your patio outdoor furniture in the best shape with the cleaning tips above.   

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