11 Best Breakfast Bed Trays to Relax

Searching for the best breakfast bed trays? As an alternative to eating at the dinner table, breakfast trays offer the option of eating elsewhere. Most frequently, breakfast trays are used when someone is not feeling well enough to sit at the dinner table. Or for a special occasion such as Mother’s Day. These tray tables are handy to have especially when many are working from home. An easy way to transport meals from the kitchen to the bedroom or elsewhere throughout the home. Tray tables are no longer just for breakfast but for lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and even late night snacks.    


Many bed trays have a foldable feature. So that when open the tray legs prop the tray up. Collapse the tray legs when not in use for space saving storage. Serve guests and family indoors and out with a collapsible tray table. Perfectly size for every member of the family and guests too.  

Use Trays in More Ways – Breakfast Bed Trays 

Although most commonly used for serving food, breakfast trays can be put into service in other ways. The tray table can be used as a work surface or mini workspace. If you find that sometimes you work while sitting in bed, the tray provides a platform or elevated space for your laptop. Use a tray table to elevate your laptop off of the bed instead of propping up the laptop on your lap. This is great for late night work when you can’t be at a desk or even work at the kitchen table. 

Another use for the tray table is for use while watching TV in the living room or family room. Sit in a chair or sofa with a bed tray as you watch TV. Of course, if you’re on the go to a family outing take the tray with you. Take the tray to a picnic in the park. Keep your food off the ground with a tray table. Arrange food dishes on the tray table, away from pesky ants. Likewise, at the beach display food dishes on the tray table, away from the sand. Food dishes sprinkled with sand might not be very appetizing.      

Now onto our round up trays. Take a look at our list of breakfast bed trays for days when eating at the dinner table isn’t possible. We hope you see a tray you’ll love. 

Interested in a few inspirational ways to present your breakfast tray? Here it is. These breakfast trays are beautiful and a great way to serve breakfast! Each has its own unique decor style. Take a look. Be sure to let us know what you are thinking. 

Great Beginnings – Best Breakfast Bed Trays

Get off to a great start in the day. Start the day with breakfast where you can taste the freshness. Although in this image, the breakfast tray has a coffee cup with fragrant reed diffuser in the guest bedroom. 

Wake Up to a Healthy Breakfast

Begin the day with organic fruits and juice. Doesn’t this look great? There is no better way to kick start your day. 

Serve Yummy Conchas Pan Dulce for Breakfast 

Indulge once in a while on Conchas, a pan dulce Mexican pastry. Enjoy the sweet bread, a morning treat or midday snack. 

Make it Organic – Breakfast Bed Trays

Serve organic fruits for breakfast. Eat the best with fresh blueberries and an orange for an energetic morning start.  

Get a Head Start in the Morning – Breakfast Bed Trays

Start your day with a delicious organic breakfast meal. Create a full size breakfast or a light organic meal. All perfectly laid out on a breakfast bed tray for that special day. Keep bed sheets clean and crumb free with a breakfast tray on those days you stay in bed. 

This ends our breakfast bed trays list. Do you have a special breakfast tray in your home? One that you use for special occasions? Or is there a favorite breakfast tray you’ve found? We love the idea of having breakfast in bed on rainy days when it’s a challenge to climb out of bed. Don’t you? 

One last thing if you love coastal settings … Check out our post – 12 Ways to Add Coastal Decor to your Home as a coastal resource. Find great tips and tricks for styling a coastal home, in this important post. We always love hearing from all our readers. Let us know which breakfast trays are your favorites in the comments below. Hopefully, you found a tray that you love.

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