DIY Fall Tablescape that Adds Beauty to the Fall Table

DIY fall tablescape is our topic for today’s post. We are sharing a low-cost, simple tablescape for the autumn table. Materials that we used in the design of the tablescape are inexpensive decorative supplies. Supplies that won’t break the bank. Mostly items from the dollar store, Walmart, and Hobby Lobby. 

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Keeping within a tight budget, we designed this tablescape with three goals. First, to use low-cost supplies. Second, style a festive tablescape. And third, we didn’t want to spend several hours styling a tablescape. We wanted a tablescape that required little time. We created a fall-themed tablescape using mini pumpkins, gourds, acorns, and pine cones. 

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Step by Step Instructions – DIY Fall Tablescape 

Tobacco Basket Filled Moss_1746 #DIY #Fall #FallTablescape #HomeDecor #TableStyling #Autumn

For a base, we picked a small, mini brown tobacco basket. The tobacco basket measures about 8 inches square. It cost one dollar and was bought at the dollar store. Then we added some Spanish Moss inside the tobacco basket. You can find this at the dollar store, too.  

Tobacco Basket with Spanish Moss_1745 #DIY #Fall #FallCenterpiece #HomeDecor #TableStyling #Autumn

Next, we steamed the table runner to eliminate the creases in the runner. Then, we laid the table runner across the dinner table lengthwise. 

DIY Fall Tablescape Fall Tablerunner with Burlap Ribbon_1748 #DIY #Fall #FallCenterpiece #HomeDecor #TableStyling #Autumn

After laying the table runner, we add a burlap ribbon on top of the table runner. The burlap ribbon is a Walmart find. We used a six-inch-wide, orange burlap ribbon over the runner. The length of the burlap ribbon was the length of the table runner. 

Assembling the Tobacco Basket  

Piling on the Goodies_1749 #DIY #Fall #FallTablescape #HomeDecor #TableStyling #Autumn

In the following steps, we first assemble the tobacco basket. To keep costs down, we used as few objects as possible. But we also wanted to fill the basket.  

  1. To start, we added three orange pumpkins. Two of the pumpkins were velvet covered pumpkins. The third was a smaller, faux plastic pumpkin. 
  2. Between the two orange velvety pumpkins, we added a yellow pumpkin for variety and color. 
  3. Behind the pumpkins, we added a greenish-orange gourd. 
  4. To fill in the bare areas, we used one Indian Corn pic. The pic had five indian corn pieces. By separating the pic, we inserted the corn around the basket. We could have easily used two pics but for the sake of saving on cost we didn’t. 
  5. Followed by adding a few corn husk fillers to complete the tobacco basket. 

Assembling the Tablescape – DIY Fall Tablescape 

Pumpkins_1831 #DIY #Fall #FallTablescape #HomeDecor #TableStyling #Autumn
  • In the next steps, we assemble all the pieces on the table. Beginning with the tobacco basket. 
  • In the center of the table runner, we placed a small, dried wreath made from Virginia Creeper. This is to elevate the tobacco basket.   
  • Next, we placed the tobacco basket on the wreath which elevated the basket about one inch. 
  • On each side of the basket, we place our maple foliage pics first.
  • Followed by some miniature acorn and pine cone pics. If you find that your pics are too long, then trim pics to shorten the size. We used a pair of diagonal cutting wire pliers. We found that these cutting wire pliers work best.
  • To finish off the side faux foliage, we added an indian corn pic and topped any exposed stems with pine cones. 
  • We added two votive candle holders to each side of the tablescape.  

Step Back and Take a Look – DIY Fall Tablescape

DIY Fall Tablescape Votive Candleholders_1750 #DIY #Fall #FallTablescape #HomeDecor #TableStyling #Autumn

If you find any places that stems are exposed, tuck small pine cones to conceal the foliage stems. The foliage stems around the tobacco basket should be hidden. For elevating any part of the tablescape such as the votive candle holders, we used small, wooden round discs.  

Below is our finished tablescape with the tobacco basket. All styled with low-cost fall objects and fall foliage pics. In a nutshell, we accomplished our three rules. First, the tablescape costs were minimal. Second, the tablescape has a festive design. Third, we styled the entire tablescape in less than 2 hours. In total, the tablescape took us about one and a half hours. 

Below is our completed DIY fall tablescape. What are your thoughts? 

Finished Tablescape_1828 #DIY #Fall #FallTablescape #HomeDecor #TableStyling #Autumn

Alternative Ways to Style Your Tablescape

To create a different tablescape, consider using white pumpkins, yellow gourds, or red apples. And acorns, pine cones, or wheat also look great in a tablescape. Give your tablescape an Autumn appearance with any of these accessories. Use faux maple leaves that are orange, yellow, and red for a more festive appearance. 

DIY Fall Tablescape Closeup_1830 #DIY #Fall #FallTablescape #HomeDecor #TableStyling #Autumn

This ends our post for a DIY fall tablescape for the dinner table. We hope that we inspired you to create a tablescape that celebrates the beauty of the autumn season. And that you found a few tips to help you with your tablescape.  

Enjoy our other fall decor related posts for additional ideas. 

Reach out to us with any questions. We are always ready to help you out. Thank you for stopping by our blog. 


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