Best Picnic Baskets for Families on the Go

Say goodbye to the cold season and welcome the Spring with one of our best picnic baskets for families on the go. Fed up with the never-ending cold spells that creep into the Spring season? Sometimes, it feels as if the cold season won’t let up. Welcome the warmer Spring days with a picnic basket. Schedule some family time and have a picnic. Whether the picnic is at a park, beach, baseball park, or your backyard, there is no better way to welcome the warmer season than an outdoor picnic.       

Whether you visit a nearby park or use your backyard the easiest way to spend time with your family is with a picnic. An opportunity to take in the fresh air, get a healthy dose of exercise all while surrounded by mother nature. These are the times that create a lasting lifetime of fond memories. 

Popularity of Picnic – Picnic Baskets

During the Victorian period, picnics was a very popular tradition. In those days, people traveled with a picnic basket and picnic blanket. The picnic basket was full of food for an outdoor meal. The blanket covered the ground and served as a dry surface for the food, beverages, and basket. People gathered together for a meal in an outdoor setting such as a park or at the beach. It was family time for rest, relaxation while enjoying the surrounding outdoors. 

In the early 1900s, a patent was submitted for the picnic table created by Charles H. Nielsen. The design was a portable, collapsible table. Families could transport the table with them to their picnic destination. The creation of the picnic table elevated the picnic meal off of the ground. At the same time, the establishment of additional US national and state parks, as well as national forests, grew in numbers. Permanent picnic table structures were installed in these newly designated state or federal parks and forest regions. This led to a greater number of Americans traveling to these destinations with their picnic baskets, outdoor games, and children in tow.    

Family gatherings were not just limited to backyards and parks. Picnic meals expanded to beaches, rivers, lakes, ballparks, and many other areas. The family was on the go. Americans loved the outdoors scene.  

American Picnics Today – Best Picnic Baskets  

Picnics are planned today for every kind of celebratory events such as birthdays, engagements, and even wedding receptions. The ever-popular picnic is a great way to bring back family time while getting closer to nature.   

To bring back those glorious days of family meal outings, we’ve gathered a selection of picnic baskets. Perfect for a backyard, park, and beach family picnic. Take a look at our selection of picnic baskets for your next picnic outing.   

Select any of these picnic baskets for your next family picnic. As you’ll notice, a few of these picnic baskets hold a picnic service for more than 2 people. What are your thoughts on these picnic baskets? We always love hearing from you, our readers. Let us know which is your favorite picnic basket in the comments below.   

Inspirational Ideas for a Picnic Basket Get Away 

Looking for some inspirational ideas for a picnic basket? Below we’ll share a few ideas to inspire you. Celebrate family gatherings often and in areas with a natural setting to foster a lifelong love of nature. As you’ll see, the simple, plain picnic basket has evolved into other uses. Take a look at these inspirational ideas. 

Line wire baskets and fill with baguettes, jams, cheeses, and more. Beautiful Wedding baskets to celebrate the exchange of vows.

Pack a picnic proposal that leads to an engagement. Bring along a nice bottle of wine, fresh flowers, cheese, crackers, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Simply romantic! Video or photograph the picnic proposal so you’ll have a lasting keepsake. Love is in the Air.

Fresh bread, salads for a festive picnic.

Pack fresh bread, salad, and wine for an afternoon picnic.

This is the end of our picnic basket list for families on the go. Is there a favorite picnic basket you like?  We like the green waxed canvas bag for hiking. And the wicker baskets are all so beautiful. It’s difficult to pick just one. We love them all! These picnic baskets are memories waiting to be made with family and friends. We hope you found a picnic basket that you like. 

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