9 Moroccan Side Tables with Exotic Beauty

Moroccan side tables are perfect for adding a touch of exotic elegance to any room. They are authentic designs with intricate patterns and vibrant colors. These tables elevate your living space. Bring charm and beauty to your home with one of these Moroccan beauties. 

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The design of these unique tables is from Morocco. A North African country not too far from the coasts of Spain and Portugal. Separated from the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is a frequent travel destination for many Europeans and Americans. Moroccans spend more time indoors than outdoors due to the intensity of the heat. Moroccan home decor style uses natural elements with earthy tones. You’ll also notice intricately carved furniture, bright-colored textiles, metal lanterns, indoor plants, and more.    

 Characteristics – Moroccan Side Tables

Moroccan furniture is informal but colorful. Blend colorful textiles and patterned surfaces with natural materials like timber. Layer textured pillows, fabrics, and rugs throughout the home. Furnishings such as chairs and sofas tend to be lower to the ground. Upholster chairs in wool, velvet, and silk fabrics. Find leather poufs and an assortment of potted plants in Moroccan homes.

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Bold and daring colors are commonly used in Moroccan furnishings. Examples include pink, yellow, purple, tangerine, deep purple, royal blue, and jewel tones. Combine gray, white, taupe, beige, and terracotta with graphic patterns for a similar effect. Bold accent walls are frequently seen in Moroccan-styled residences. 

Distinctive Moroccan Design Shape

Many Moroccan designs have geometric shapes. The ogee is an S-shaped curve. Create an ogee shape with a decorative line formed by two connected curves – concave and convex.

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In the image above, the upper concave curve is bowed inward. Similar to the inside of a bowl. The lower convex curve has an outward curve similar to a sphere. Linking the concave and convex curves together forms an S-shaped curve. An ogee shape is formed with the repetitive S-shaped curved pattern. The ogee shape is found throughout Moroccan homes, from fabrics and mirrors to windows. Moroccan patterns use repetitive abstract or geometric shapes. The ogee is unmistakable just as much as the bold fabric colors, metal lanterns, and intricate geometric patterns.  

Style Moroccan Art – Moroccan Side Tables

This unique design is about color, texture, and fluid lines. It is a distinctive decor style that blends North African, Mediterranean, and Moorish patterns and colors. Art is primarily geometric. Moroccan artisans create symmetrical patterns of circles, triangles, and other shapes like the ogee. These repetitive patterns create a cohesive appearance. Although the patterns are two-dimensional, they develop a feeling of depth and movement.     

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Select traditional Moorish lights for your home. These lights are intricately carved metal lanterns. Furniture like wooden screens has intricately carved patterns, and chipped tile mosaics known as zellige are very popular in Moroccan homes. In the image above, the fireplace has traditional Moroccan zellige tiles. The opening to the dining area has a horseshoe archway.

Create Carved Furniture with these Woods

Pick from an assortment of Moroccan wood furniture. Furniture manufactured using the same methods has been employed for many centuries. Artisans use a wide range of woods, including Almond, Ash, Cedar, Citrus, Eucalyptus, Olive, and others. Every type of wood has unique qualities. For instance, Mahogany and Walnut have rich hues. Cedar and Eucalyptus woods are fragrant and considered durable woods. They offer outstanding quality and superb function. 

Style a Moroccan-Inspired Space

Create a Moroccan-style room with an exotic atmosphere. Although it might feel as if the task is overwhelming, it is quite easy to style with the right accessories and furnishings. Here are a few tips to help you style a Moroccan room you’ll love.  

In the image below, a colorful Moroccan rug is laid out in this bedroom. It is a beautiful piece of art that would look equally amazing on a wall.

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  • Hang carved metal detailed lanterns from the ceiling and place larger ones on the floor.
  • Lay bright-colored Moroccan rugs with geometrical patterns. 
  • Keep low seating options such as sofas and chairs
  • Place bright-colored toss pillows with textures on the sofas. 
  • Bring side tables such as the Moroccan side table, brass, or copper tables 
  • Hang decorative mirrors made from wood or metal in various geometrical shapes
  • Use Zellige bright-colored mosaic tiles 
  • Place Moroccan leather poufs for additional seating
  • Display Moroccan pottery and a tagine  
  • Go organic with a few potted plants 

Tagines are cookware made from either clay or ceramic. These dome-shaped vessels are typically patterned. Tagines can easily double as decorative objects in a Moroccan-inspired home.

When placed next to a sofa or chair, side tables should be within two inches of the arm’s height — either two inches taller or shorter than the sofa or chair’s arm. An exception to the rule is when paired with low-seating Moroccan furniture. Moroccan furniture is typically lower to the ground than European and American furniture.  

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Side tables used next to a bed should be within five inches of the mattress top, that is, five inches below or above the mattress height. 

Include house plants when styling your Moroccan home. Plants like palms with large arching fonds add an organic look.   

Our Picks of Moroccan Side Tables 

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Next are our favorite Moroccan side tables. Check out our selection of our favorite table for a Moroccan-inspired decor style that is perfect for an exotic home. Widget 

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Moroccan Side Tables

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