Easter Decor DIY: 6 Ideas to Celebrate Easter

Easter Decor DIY: Ideas to Celebrate Easter #easter #easterdecor #DIY #easterDIY #eastereggs

Easter DIY Decor to celebrate the Easter season. As the cold days pass, we creep closer to one of our favorite times of the year, Spring and the Easter season. I’m sure many of you, like us, are looking forward to those days. They will be here before too much longer. We’ve been searching for ideas to bring those warm, bright Spring looks into our home. Something uplifting and cheerful that reminds us of past Easter Sundays. Something that takes us far away from winter’s cold, dreary days.

We’ve picked up a few items from the dollar and craft stores. And some of the other items we’ve had either from previous Easter decorations or are current household items. We made these Easter tabletop decorations with a small budget in mind.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Easter Tabletop Decor Galvanized Floral Container

We added a piece of chicken wire purchased from either a craft store or a home improvement store to the base of the galvanized floral container. This will help us hold the picks in place as we fill the container.

Easter Decor DIY Ideas to Celebrate Easter #EasterDecor #Easter #EasterDIY #CelebrateEaster #EasterCelebrations
Easter Decor DIY: Ideas to Celebrate Easter – Galvanized Floral Container with chicken wire

Next, separate the floral bunches into single flowers. Based on the depth of your container, you may need to clip the ends of the flowers to fit the container. Then begin placing the larger flowers into the container first. We placed the smaller white flowers next and last the egg picks.

Easter Decor DIY Ideas to Celebrate Easter #Easter #EasterDIY #EasterDecor #EasterCelebration #CelebrateEaster
Easter Decor DIY: Ideas to Celebrate Easter – Galvanized Floral Vase

We made the plaid Spring bow and added the small bunny to the galvanized metal container. The chicken wire, plaid ribbon, and small bunny we already had from previous Easter decorating projects.

Easter Magenta Floral Welcome Vase – Easter DIY Decor

To start, we placed a piece of chicken wire in the base of the white container. Attach the “Welcome” glitter sign to the chicken wire in the white container.

Easter Decor DIY Ideas to Celebrate Easter #Easter #EasterDecor #EasterDIY #EasterCelebration #CelebrateEaster
Easter Decor DIY: Ideas to Celebrate Easter – Easter Magenta vase

Add the separated magenta flowers to the vase. The giant 4-inch eggs with glitter were separated into single pieces and made into picks by adding a stem to the back of the eggs. Then insert two more giant eggs than the smaller egg pick. The white vase was a vase we had, and we did not purchase it for this specific Easter decoration.

Easter Basket with Purple Anemones and Spring Chicks

First, place some Easter grass in the base of the Easter basket about 1 inch deep. Separate the purple anemones into single flowers. Next, place the purple anemones in the grass of the basket working from one end to the other end. Add the pink bow and then the three little yellow chicks.

 Tip 3 Basket With Purple Anemones #Easter #EasterBasket #EasterDecor #EasterDIY #CelebrateEaster
Easter Decor DIY: Ideas to Celebrate Easter Purple Anemones in Easter Basket

We used my daughter’s Easter basket as the container for this arrangement. The purple anemones were specifically purchased for this project.

Easter Lantern with Bird’s Nest – Easter DIY Decor

We took a more simplistic approach to decorating the Easter Lantern. We placed some paper grass at the base and added the bird’s nest.

Tip 4 In Nest #Easter #EasterDecor #EasterDIY #EasterCelebration #CelebrateEaster
Easter Decor DIY: Ideas to Celebrate Easter – Lantern with Bird’s Egg Nest

We tied a plaid Spring bow around the top of the lantern. Then we displayed the lantern next to a blue and white banded ginger jar filled with yellow and white tulips. The entire effect creates a warm, welcoming entrance to our home.

Feed the Easter Bunny – Easter DIY Decor

We used a large 16-inch turquoise platter as a base for this centerpiece. This platter we used quite a bit. We added the moss to the base covering the area around where the hungry bunny will stand.

The bunny was placed in the center of the large platter. Then we added more moss around the base of the bunny to cover the platter. Next, the three egg nests were laid around the front of the bunny. We inserted the carrots into the moss in various places around the bunny.

Easter Decor DIY Ideas to Celebrate Easter #Easter #EasterDecor #EasterDIY #CelebrateEaster #EasterCelebration
Easter Decor DIY: Ideas to Celebrate Easter – Hungry Easter Bunny

We added some dried flowers into the moss around the nest and carrots to partially conceal them. Then added a small bag of candy to the platter.

Remind Everone of the Season

This 2-tier footed glass compote is decorated with grass leaves as a base on both tiers. Next, we added the white flowers, eggs, bunny, and the How Great Thou Art egg-shaped sign.

Tip 6 #Easter #EasterDecor #EasterDIY #EasterCelebration #HowGreatThouArt
Easter Decor DIY: Ideas to Celebrate Easter – How Great Thou Art

These Easter decor pieces were made with a small budget, and when possible, we used existing containers, ribbons, eggs, and floral pieces we had on hand. The Easter DIY decor pieces did not take much time to assemble. Shopping for some new items required more time than assembling the decor pieces. These DIY Easter ideas are quick and easy to complete. We hope we inspired you to create your own DIY Easter projects. Let us know how you make out if you try any DIY Easter decor ideas.

Be sure to share with us which decor ideas are your favorites. Let us know what you think. 

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