How to Grow Sun Loving Inkblot Mangave

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How to Grow Inkblot Mangave Drought Tolerant Sun Loving #Mangave #InkBlotMangave #Garden #Gardening #MadAboutMangave #DroughtTolerant #Succulent #WaltersGardensInc

Sun Loving Inkblot Mangave for Container Gardening Easy to Grow #Mangave #InkBlotMangave #Garden #Gardening #MadAboutMangave #DroughtTolerant #Succulent #WaltersGardensInc

Today, we will show you how to grow Sun loving Inkblot Mangave. That’s right, it’s easy to care for Inkblot Mangave. This Sun-loving Inkblot Mangave is a versatile, easy-to-maintain Mangave succulent. The first thing you notice about Mangave plants are their striking colors and patterns. These colors and patterns are sometimes challenging to capture in a photo. The coloring of Mangaves is fantastic. With more sun exposure comes more profound, more intense spotting of foliage. 

InkBlot Mangave #Mangave #InkBlotMangave #Garden #Gardening #MadAboutMangave #DroughtTolerant #Succulent #WaltersGardensInc
InkBlot Mangave

Last year, we talked about 14 Mangave Plants for sunny gardens and how they are easy to grow. As mentioned in that previous post, these beautiful Mangave plants are an intergeneric cross between Manfreda and Agave plants. It is an extraordinary combination of two worlds. A better growth rate with stunning foliage patterns from the Manfreda plant. Equally important are the attributes of the Agave plant line, such as a better growth habit and the plant’s refinement. A new hybrid from the talented team at Walters Gardens.    

Characteristics of Mangave Succulents 

Inkblot Mangave by Walters Gardens Inc #Mangave #InkBlotMangave #Garden #Gardening #MadAboutMangave #DroughtTolerant #Succulent #WaltersGardensInc
How to Grow Sun Loving Inkblot Mangave Inkblot Mangave – photo by Walters Gardens Inc

Mangave succulents have a low but wide growth habit. The most striking quality you’ll notice are the incredible foliage colors. Foliage spot is derived from Manfreda blood and the thick, wide leaves from the Agave line. Mangave plants tend to be softer to the touch than the others. In this case, the Inkblot has dark green leaves with dark redder spotting and arch downward foliage. To maintain or intensify the dark spotting, expose Inkblot with as much UV light as possible. Mangave plants with less spotting occurs from being indoors or in low light garden areas. A quick remedy is provide plenty of sunshine!  

How to Grow Sun Loving Inkblot Mangave – About InkBlot Mangave 

First, a few characteristics of the InkBlot Mangave plant:

  • Grows in zones 8b to 10
  • Plant in full Sun where there is 6+ hours of sunlight
  • Reaches 6 to 8 inches high with a spread of 18 to 22 inches wide
  • Foliage colors are shades of green and blue with dark-colored ink blots
  • Water needs are average to low
  • Drought tolerant once the plant has been established 
  • Tolerant of poor, average, slightly acidic, slightly alkaline, and neutral soil conditions 
  • Resistant to both deer and rabbits 
  • The growth rate is slow 

Soil Preparation for Inkblot Mangave

  • Prepare soil in a Sunny garden area by adding compost
  • Work compost into the soil so that soil is well-draining 
  • Potting soil and garden soil should not hold any water but release excess water  
  • If grubs or Japanese Beetles are a problem, add a bit organic Milky Spore powder to the soil and mix it in   

How to Grow Sun Loving Inkblot Mangave 

How to Grow Sun Loving Inkblot Mangave Inkblot Mangave Outdoors #Mangave #InkBlotMangave #Garden #Gardening #MadAboutMangave #DroughtTolerant #Succulent #WaltersGardensInc
How to Grow Sun Loving Inkblot Mangave – Inkblot Mangave Outdoors photo by Walters Gardens, Inc
  • Plant Inkblot Mangave in full Sun 
  • If you are planting several Inkblot Mangave, space plants about 24 inches apart 
  • Fertilize using ½ strength during the growing Summer season 

When to Plant Inkblot Mangave 

  • Grow mangave in a container that is slightly larger than the mature plant about 24 inches wide. Plant any time of the year for indoor growing 
  • Plant Inkblot Mangave in the ground once the temperatures rise above 60 degrees 

Tips for How to Grow Sun Loving Inkblot Mangave 

  • Once established, water lightly every couple of weeks 
  • To maintain the beautiful spotting effect, giving Inkblot more exposure to UV light, which brightens the dark coloration 
  • Plant in a container for patio growing
  • Garden styles for Inkblot fit into an eclectic, formal, modern, rock or succulent garden. 
  • Grow Inkblot as a specimen plant or a focal point in the garden
  • North American native 

Companion Plants for Inkblot Mangave 

InkBlot Mangave #Mangave #InkBlotMangave #Garden #Gardening #MadAboutMangave #DroughtTolerant #Succulent #WaltersGardensInc
InkBlot Mangave

As you can see, InkBlot Mangave is very easy to grow. All you need is lots of Sun, a little bit of water, and well-draining soil. That’s it! Easy Peasy to grow. As the days warm up and the end of Spring approaches, my Mangave plants will spend more time outdoors. More Sun and better Inkblots await my mangave plants.

This ends our post on how to grow a sun-loving InkBlot Mangave. Tell us what you think about this beautiful succulent. And which are your favorite Mangave plants? To learn more about Mangave plants, read our post 14 Mangave Plants for Sunny Gardens. If you enjoyed this post . . . .

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And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We always are ready to help you out. Thank you for dropping by.   


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