Best Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees

Best fresh tabletop Christmas trees are perfect for gift giving as well as displaying in your home. These Christmas trees are fresh and fill your home with a fragrant evergreen scent. The greenery adds a festive accent to any home or small space room. Celebrate the holiday season with a beautiful fresh mini Christmas tree!

Fresh tabletop Christmas trees are available with decorations or simply decorated. But be assured that however a Christmas tree is decorated, it is always beautiful and special. So, go ahead and deck those halls with a mini tree to spread the spirit of Christmas throughout the home. 

For those who feel as if one Christmas tree isn’t enough? Order a second one. We highlight some of our favorite simple Christmas trees as well as some embellished mini trees. Take a look at these beautiful mini trees that bring the magic of the Christmas season to your doorstep.          

  1. Christmas Reindeer Live Tree  

Best Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees Christmas Reindeer Live Tree With Lights by LLBean #FreshMiniTree #MiniChristmasTree #TabletopChristmasTree #OnlineFlowers #ChristmasTrees #ChristmasTabletopTree
Best Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees – Christmas Reindeer Live Tree With Lights by LLBean

Is your decor style farmhouse with simple and natural elements? Then you’ll love the Christmas Reindeer Live Tree With Lights for your home. Create a warm welcoming atmosphere with this casual laid back tabletop Christmas tree. 

  • Dwarf Alberta spruce 
  • pre-strung LED lights with timer (6 hours on & 18 hours off)  
  • trimmings include pine cones, faux red berries, & wooden reindeer ornament 
  • galvanized pot 
  • measures 22 to 26 inches tall and 8 to 9 inches diameter 
  • display in an entryway, on a table, or clustered around a larger tree

2. Snowy Wonderland – Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees  

The Snowy Wonderland Tree is a festive Christmas tree-inspired arrangement. Reminiscent of a Wintery forest scene. Perfect for those times when you need a little glistening in the home. 

  • Features miniature red roses, white carnations, Oregonia, red berries, and noble fir  
  • Glass cylinder vase with sparkling silver finish displaying a peaceful snow covered woodland scene 
  • Select from three sizes 
  • Pair with chocolates and other gift items 
A Look of Elegance Celebration Tree by Teleflora #FreshMiniTree #MiniChristmasTree #TabletopChristmasTree #OnlineFlowers #ChristmasTrees #ChristmasTabletopTree
A Look of Elegance – Celebration Tree by Teleflora

The Celebration Tree adds shimmering gold to your decor. Accented with white floral accents. Perfect for the hostess that loves the look of sparkling, brilliant gold over the holidays.    

  • Decorated with white Asiatic lilies, cushion mums, white pine and noble fir  
  • Trimmed with small golden pine cones and gold ball ornaments 
  • Tucked into a shimmering gold jardinière vase 
  • Select from three sizes 
  • Embellish with chocolates and other items
  • Select from three sizes 
  • Bundle with chocolates or other gift items 

3. Twinkle Tabletop Christmas Tree  

How about a tree that delivers the holiday spirit to an office or home? The Made in Maine Twinkle Tabletop Christmas Tree does just that.  

  • Features fragrant Maine balsam greens 
  • Decorated with pine cones, faux holly berries, and topped off with a hand-tied, red velveteen bow  
  • Sparkling white holiday lights 
  • Keep tree fresh throughout the holiday season by watering the floral foam base 
  • Measures about 28 inches tall 

4. Golden Elegance Christmas Tree 

Best Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees Golden Elegance Christmas Tree by From You Flowers #FreshMiniTree #MiniChristmasTree #TabletopChristmasTree #OnlineFlowers #ChristmasTrees #ChristmasTabletopTree
Best Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees – Golden Elegance Christmas Tree by From You Flowers

Searching for a mini Christmas tree with a little bling? The Golden Elegance Christmas tree delivers bling as well as pops of Christmas color! The elegant mini tree adds sparkle to your home or office.  

  • Features white Asiatic lilies, red mini carnations, white cushion spray chrysanthemums, noble fir, oregonia, lemon leaf, and mini red ornaments 
  • Tucked into a holiday container 
  • Measures 21 inches high by 16 inches wide 
  • Select from three sizes 
  • Pair with chocolates and other gift items 

5. Medium Cozy Flannel – Best Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees 

The Euro Cypress Christmas Tree with flannel-covered pot fits right into a cabin or woodland setting. Medium Cozy Flannel covered container tree adds a warm cozy feel to your decor. A classic mini tree perfect for small spaces. 

  • Euro cypress 
  • 6.5 inch planter 
  • Flannel blanket wrapped planter 

6. Merry & Bright Tiny Tree  

Searching for a kid’s version of a tabletop tree? This fresh tree is perfect for a kid’s bedroom or schoolroom. The Merry & Bright Tiny Tree is about 20 inches tall.   

  • Includes mini ornaments with 4 bulbs, 2 stars, 2 Santas, 2 reindeer, and 2 candy canes  
  • Christmas lights 
  • Silvered colored pail includes white stars and the quote “making spirits bright”  
  • Measures 12 to 15 inches tall 
  • Container measures 7 ½ by 7 ½ inches high and wide 

7. Deck the Halls Tree 

The Spirit of Christmas Deck the Halls Tree by Send Flowers #FreshMiniTree #MiniChristmasTree #TabletopChristmasTree #OnlineFlowers #ChristmasTrees #ChristmasTabletopTree
The Spirit of Christmas – Deck the Halls Tree by Send Flowers

Looking for a pop of Christmas color for your home this season? The Deck the Halls Tree provides a pop of bright color to your home.   

  • English boxwood stems
  • Festive trimmings such as red flowers, red and gold ornament balls, and red bows  
  • Container is a Merry red square shaped container  
  • Select from three sizes 
  • Pair with chocolates and other gift items

8. Holiday Nostalgia Tree – Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees  

If your decor style is sentimental or vintage, then you’ll love the Holiday Nostalgia Tree. The live tree arrives fully decorated. Although, the garland and ornaments might need to be reshaped. With this tree, there is no better way to evoke the memories of holidays gone by.

  • Live Alberta Spruce tree 
  • Mini tree includes a berry garland, 2 trailers, 2 trucks, 2 cars with 1 plaid star  
  • Battery operated lights that includes pre-strung lights with batteries 
  • Measures 18 to 24 inches tall 
  • Arrives in a reusable red-striped galvanized container

9. Whimsical Christmas Tree 

The Whimsical Christmas Tree was made for someone who is a kid at heart. Perfect for the fun-loving kid in us all. A tree that puts everyone in the holiday spirit.   

  • Pre-planted living 1-gallon dwarf Alberta spruce tree 
  • Trimming include a garland string of fun felt presents, and festive clay candy cane ornaments   
  • Vintage style battery operated string of multi-colored LED lights  
  • A little ladder climbing gnome to help with the Christmas decorations  
  • Arrives ready to spring into action inside a red tin planter
  • Measures 8 inches high by 7 inches diameter 

10. Deck the Holly Tree – Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees 

Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees Deck the Holly by Lynch Creek Farm #FreshMiniTree #MiniChristmasTree #TabletopChristmasTree #OnlineFlowers #ChristmasTrees #ChristmasTabletopTree
Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees – Deck the Holly by Lynch Creek Farm

Brighten someone’s home with a tabletop tree this Christmas season. Deck the Holly tree is made with fresh boughs of noble fir and holly. 

  • Handmade with fresh sprigs of noble fir and variegated holly 
  • Trimmings include 12 faux red berry clusters 
  • Red velvet edged gold trimmed bow  
  • Includes white LED lights for a soft festive glow 
  • Measures 18 inches tall by 14 inches wide  

 11. Balsam Tabletop Christmas Tree – Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees   

Select a Classic Balsam Tabletop Christmas Tree for an aromatic scent throughout your home. Although this is a mini tree, it is a holiday traditional Christmas tree. 

  • Made by hand in New England with freshly cut balsam 
  • Trimmings include pine cones with faux holly berries 
  • Topped with a hand tied red velvet bow 
  • Includes white lights 
  • Base is a shallow bowl with foam core for watering to maintain freshness 
  • Select from two sizes an 18 inch and a 28 inch tabletop tree

Note: 18-inch tree is unlit 

12. Winter’s Snowfall Holiday Flower Tree

Interested in a mini tree that captures the beauty of the Winter day? The Winter’s Snowfall Holiday Flower Tree hits the mark. 1 800flowers partnered with Real Simple to create this peaceful wintry day tree. The snowy dusting is the perfect finishing touch. 

  • Tree shaped arrangement with assorted fragrant Winter greenery and snow tipped pine cones 
  • Trimmed with white cushion Poms 
  • Entire mini tree is flocked with snow spray for the finishing touch 
  • Arrangement measures 18 inches high by 13 inches wide 
  • Base is a modern grey and white ceramic geometric cylinder vase  
  • Container measures 4 ½ inches high by 6 inches wide  
  • Plant container can be repurposed afterwards 

13. Lemon Cypress Holiday Gift Tree – Fresh Tabletop Christmas Trees 

Burpee’s live Cypress tree is a solution for a perfect hostess gift. The Lemon Cypress Holiday Gift Tree can be planted outdoors in the Spring.    

  • Live Cypress tree
  • Lime green foliage is soft to the touch with a light, pleasant lemony fragrance 
  • Tree base is wrapped in a decorative holiday wrap 
  • Topped with a bright red bow 

14. Mini Fresh Tabletop Tree with Burlap Wrap 

Searching for a simple rustic woodland tree this holiday season? The Mini Fresh Tabletop Tree with Burlap Wrap is the answer to your search. Evergreen spruce grown on a family-owned farm in Portland, Oregon.    

  • Live evergreen spruce has dense green branches with a classic Christmas tree shape 
  • Fragrant scent of evergreen 
  • Alberta spruce is about 6 years old 
  • Spruce is about 22 inches high 
  • Plant outdoors afterwards 
  • Tree ships directly from the Oregon grower 

15. Dwarf Alberta Spruce Potted Christmas Tree

The Dwarf Alberta Spruce Potted Christmas Tree delivers Christmas cheer to every office and home. Perfectly sized for a front porch or entryway. Or anywhere some Christmas cheer is needed.   

  • Live dwarf Alberta Spruce Christmas Tree 
  • Trimmed with 14 white tipped and glittered pine cones. 9 jingle bells with hangers 
  • Spruce has an LED star tree-topper with 46 light bulb set 
  • Light set includes a 6 hour timer with on or twinkle setting  
  • Tree base is wrapped in a burlap bag including a burlap ribbon  
  • Alberta spruce tree measures between 36 to 40 inches tall 
  • Dwarf tree includes watering instructions to maintain freshness 

Our list of the best fresh tabletop Christmas trees makes the perfect gift this holiday season. Best of all, every one of these trees can be shipped directly to your family, friends, or co-workers. Christmas trees are a staple of the holiday season. And when you need a little extra merry and brightness, these mini trees do the trick.   

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