How to Grow Majesty Palm for a Tropical Look

Grow Majesty Palm in your home. The Majesty palm is a palm houseplant with medium to dark green fronds. A slow growing palm houseplant when grown indoors. And a great selection for a large indoor houseplant. Popular and suitable for many types of home decor, the palm is striking. With its upright growth habit, the Majesty palm has graceful upward arching fronds with long, thin finger foliage. Just as the name implies, this palm commands a strong regal presence in every room.     

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Native to the Madagascar country which is an island off of the Southeast coast of Africa. This palm grows in wetter areas such as those found along tropical streams and rivers. Which is why this palm plant does best in wetter, humid environments. Although, the palm can not sit directly in water. The botanical name for the Majestic Palm is Ravenea rivularis. Majestic Palm is also known as a Ravanea Palm and Majesty Palm. 

Characteristics of Majesty Palms 

  • Reaches up to 98 feet tall within its native environment
  • Frond lengths can reach up to 8 feet long within its native environment 
  • Indoors growth rate is slow 
  • Fronds are upward arching with long, thin finger foliage 
  • Foliage is dark green 
  • Tall with wider growth habit 
  • Upright growth habit
  • Known to have air purifying capabilities and removes toxins from the air

In general, palms prefer bright light and high humidity levels similar to those of their native climate conditions. Majestic Palms can adapt and become tolerant of lower light conditions over time. In the US, a larger percentage of palms will be used as indoor houseplants. As a result of this, many plant growers raise these palms in low light conditions. Low light conditions similar to those of an indoor home. 

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If you do not know where your palm was grown with full Sun or under shade then proceed slowly. Not knowing the growing conditions of a palm, it would be wise to slowly acclimate your plant to full Sun or less Sun. The exception would be if the plant were grown locally in your environment.    

Palm Care Tips – Grow Majesty Palm 

Level of Light 

Place palm indoors where there is medium to bright light conditions. Avoid low light conditions. They perform best in medium to bright light interiors. In an outdoor space, grow Majestic Palm in a full shade area.   

Moisture Level – Grow Majesty Palm

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Keep the palm evenly moist but not wet. The potting soil mix should be evenly moist but not wet or dripping water. Provide some humidity to the entire plant. Either by misting the fronds or by setting aside a water and pebble filled shallow dish. The air absorbs the moisture as the water evaporates. 

A quick way to create humidity is with the use of a pebble filled shallow tray such as a pot saucer. Add water to the tray or saucer but no higher than the pebbles. Pebbles should rise above the water level. Place the plant on the saucer so that the pot is above the water level. And the roots do not sit in the water itself. 

Soil Type 

Although Majesty palms like moisture, they do not like wet soil or poorly draining soil conditions. Plant Majesty palm in a fast-draining soil such as cactus mix. Repot the plant every couple of years to refresh the soil. Reuse the same size container to maintain the same size palm plant. Use a larger plant container to encourage plant growth.      

Fertilizer – Grow Majesty Palm

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Feed the Majesty palm during the growing seasons of Spring and Summer. One fertilizer specific to palm trees is Arizona’s Best Palm Tree Food. Palm tree food contains more magnesium than all-purpose fertilizers which is ideal for Palms. As an alternative to magnesium, add a pinch of epsom salt to your palm. Magnesium supports plant growth and corrects yellow leaves. 


The Majesty Palm is non-toxic to humans and pets.

Pests – Grow Majesty Palm

Pests such as spider mites can infest Majesty Palms. Periodically check both the front and underside of the fronds for these tiny mites. They are tiny insects that leave traces of webbing and small markings on the underside of the fronds. Eliminate these pests by using either soapy water or rubbing alcohol. Spray the soapy water mixture on the fronds or wherever you see the traces of spider mites. Then wipe away the soapy water from the foliage. As an alternative to the soapy water, wipe away pests with rubbing alcohol. Use an old cloth with rubbing alcohol to wipe away the spider mites. Check the palm fronds regularly so that the spider mite problem doesn’t spread to the entire plant. Repeat the process until the bugs have disappeared. Be diligent until the mite problem has been eliminated. 

This is the end of our tips to grow Majestic Palm in your home. Do you have a favorite palm tree at home? We love the look of this regal plant. So carefree and tropical looking. Perfect for a Beach or Summer home. 

If you grow a Majestic Palm be sure to let us know how you make out. We love hearing from our readers and their houseplants. We love plants indoors and out.  If you enjoyed this post, take a look at our other gardening posts. 

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