10 Rolling Laundry Carts to Keep a Tidy Laundry Room

Rolling laundry carts keep your home and laundry area organized. Keep dirty clothes and household linens confined to a laundry basket, hamper, or cart for a tidy, well-organized home. Laundry is always ready to launder when your schedule allows it.

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Classics Commercial Grade Canvas Laundry Basket

During the hectic work week, laundry is quickly scattered and drifts throughout the home. There are times when work demands take priority over household chores and laundry. However, when laundry baskets, hampers, and carts are placed strategically in a bedroom or bathroom, they make all the difference in staying organized. Today’s post discusses how rolling laundry carts help keep your laundry organized. 

Keep it Tidy – Rolling Laundry Carts

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Sort and organize your laundry by using a rolling laundry cart. What is a laundry cart? A laundry cart is a handcart that can transport laundry from one place to another, for instance, from a bedroom or bathroom to the laundry room. Most frequently, you’ll see a handcart made from wire. Wire-made laundry carts combine the best of a laundry basket and laundry hamper. Wire basket carts are roomy and help laundry air dry, so they’ll stay dry. They provide a space for storing dirty laundry while waiting to be cleaned. 

Actually, laundry carts have a wide variety of uses. Laundry carts are often seen in hotels used by housekeeping staff. The mobility of rolling laundry carts makes cleaning a hotel or home much more efficient. Collect dirty, used clothing, bed, and bath linens as you maneuver the cart throughout the home. It can also store freshly laundered bed and bath supplies delivered to the various rooms. These larger carts are roomy enough to stow used, dirty linens and to restock bed or bathroom supplies. 

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Other uses for a laundry cart include the following: 

  • Recycling bin. Sort the various recyclables into bags. Or if you have single-stream recycling, then keep all items together. 
  • Sorting station to temporarily store laundry, such as bath or bed linens. 
  • transport house plants within the house
  • store oversized linens such as blankets and duvets 
  • put into service for overall quick house cleaning

Differences Between a Laundry Basket and Hamper

Most laundry baskets are open on top. A few laundry baskets have lids or a closing, but most don’t. This allows damp laundry to dry. Baskets are typically more wide than tall. Laundry baskets are for transporting dirty laundry from one room to another. Laundry hampers store dirty laundry, although they usually remain in a closet or bedroom. Hampers are larger and not designed to transport dirty laundry. They are meant to collect day-to-day soiled laundry. Baskets and hampers are not the same. Laundry baskets contain dirty laundry and transport the dirty laundry. At the same time, laundry hampers are not as wide, taller, and have deeper storage for dirty laundry.

Wet Clothing and Laundry – Rolling Laundry Carts

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Never keep wet clothes in a laundry basket or cart. Put wet clothes in a laundry basket only when moving them to an outdoor area for line drying. Or hang damp laundry to dry on a clothes hanger in an indoor room or drying rack. For fresher-smelling laundry, hang your clothes outside on a clothesline. By line drying clothes outdoors, you reduce household energy costs by not running a clothes dryer. Aside from these instances, never allow laundry to remain wet for hours. Allow laundry to dry completely and thoroughly before putting the laundry away.  

Likewise, never leave wet clothes in a bag, bunched up in a ball, or a basket. Damp, wet clothes left in a washer or laundry basket for over 6 hours should be rewashed. Wet clothing will have a musty odor. Wet laundry begins to smell moldy after a few hours.

Store wet, dirty laundry in ventilated laundry mesh bags and hang in a dry area when you cannot wash your laundry. Minimize how long you leave clothes wet inside a mesh bag because they will smell musty after a few hours.

Clothes left wet for too long grow mold. Mold is a fungus that thrives in damp laundry. Avoid mold growth in the laundry by drying laundry thoroughly before placing it in a laundry cart or basket. Wet laundry can also make your cart or basket smell moldy and musty.

Use Single Basket to Carry Dirty & Clean Laundry – Rolling Laundry Carts

Wash your laundry cart or basket regularly. It is best to wash laundry baskets and carts after every use of carrying dirty laundry. Baskets left unwashed are unsanitary. A good tip is to use the same basket for all laundry; wash, sanitize, and dry the basket before adding clean laundry.  

Similarly, hampers should be cleaned regularly, too. Laundry baskets, carts, and hampers collect germs and bacteria without regular cleaning and sanitization. Transport your laundry in cleaned carts and baskets so that your laundry areas look and smell fresh.

Wash Fabric Laundry Baskets Regularly

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Follow these tips for fabric laundry baskets. Take your empty hamper or basket outdoors for a quick shake to expel any loose dirt. This will loosen and remove any loose dirt or other debris. Wash the fabric laundry basket in a washing machine on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and warm water. A washing machine will thoroughly clean cloth or fabric laundry baskets and hampers.

Clean Plastic Laundry Baskets – Rolling Laundry Carts

Take a plastic laundry basket outdoors. Shake loose any dirt or yard debris from the plastic basket. Clean plastic laundry baskets using liquid dish soap such as Dawn. Spray liquid soap on the plastic basket, followed by hot water wash to clean the basket. Rinse thoroughly. Take the basket outdoors to air dry.

Our Picks for Rolling Laundry Carts 

Now, on to our picks for rolling laundry carts for your laundry needs. Check out our selection of our favorite carts for your laundry — perfect for staying organized.

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