How To Find the Right Shrub: What to Consider When Shopping for Shrubs

Today, I will be covering the 6 factors you should consider when shopping for shrubs for your home.  It is important to find the right shrub or shrubs that will enhance your landscaping and add value to your home.  Below I listed the six factors that I consider when I’m shopping for the appropriate shrubs for our coastal home.


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How To Find the Right Shrub: What to Consider When Shopping for Shrubs


Cost of the Shrubs

The first factor as you might agree, is the cost of the shrubs.  The cost of the shrub is based on maturity and size of the shrub.  Something to ask yourself is …. Can you plant smaller shrubs and wait for them to grow and mature?  Or do you need mature shrubs in the ground sooner than later?  If you have the time to wait for a shrub to grow to maturity, you can save quite a bit of money.  I recommend purchasing smaller shrubs if possible.  This will allow the shrubs to adjust to the surround environment and landscape conditions.  I would consider purchasing larger, more mature shrubs if you are able to locate mature shrubs for an exceptionally good price.


Deciduous or Evergreen Shrubs

The second factor when shopping for shrubs is to consider either deciduous or evergreen shrubs.  If the shrubs are necessary for privacy, then deciduous (shrubs that lose their leaves in the winter) may not be the best option.  If the shrubs aren’t providing any privacy, then deciduous shrubs can be an option.  Deciduous shrubs and trees lose their leaves in the fall and remain without leaves throughout Winter.  In Spring, they regrow their leaves.  Some deciduous shrubs such as hydrangeas and azaleas lose most of their leaves during the winter but provide beautiful blooms during the Spring and Summer seasons.  If the purpose of the shrubs are to give the home occupants year around privacy, then it would be best to select evergreen shrubs.


How To Find the Right Shrub:  What to Consider When Shopping for Shrubs #shrubselection #deerresistantshrubs #hollyshrubs #japanesehollyshrub #boxwoodshrubs
How To Find the Right Shrub: What to Consider When Shopping for Shrubs – Deer


Deer Resistant 

The third factor when shopping for shrubs is to consider their resistance to deer.  Deer can be quite destructive to your landscape.  If there is a healthy deer population nearby you may want to consider shrubs that deer aren’t attracted to.  During the winter months, when food is scarce deer may eat shrubs they typically do not eat during the warmer months.  Some gardeners will spray plants and shrubs with products that deter deer from eating them.  This is effective if it doesn’t rain and the spraying is repeated every two weeks.  A more permanent solution is the construction of deer fencing around your backyard or property.  If you are able to do this yourself, you can save a considerable amount of money.


Size of Shrub at Maturity

Another factor to consider when shopping for shrubs is the size of the shrub at maturity.  If your shrub bed area is small in size, you may not want to plant a large shrub that matures at six or eight feet tall.  Any space limitations should be considered when shopping for shrubs.  Likewise, don’t over plant by crowding too many shrubs in one area.  The shrubs may look great now but will they be crowding each other in a few years when the shrubs mature.  The area you are planting shrubs should have enough room to grow into.  They should not be planted too close to your home or other building structure so that it damages your foundation or basement.  An exception to this would be if you are planting a group of shrubs to grow into each other so that it forms a single wall or barrier.


Plant Hardiness Appropriate for Your Zone 

Consider the shrubs’ Plant Hardiness Zone when shopping for shrubs.  Is the recommended plant hardiness zone appropriate for your yard?  Your shrubs should be able to not only survive the plant hardiness zone where you live but thrive as well.  The shrub you selected should grow and mature in your yard.  It should not struggle to survive due to extreme heat or cold that the shrub can not handle under normal conditions.


Purpose of the Shrub

Finally, consider the purpose of the shrub when shopping for shrubs.  Is the sole purpose to beautify your landscape?  Shrubs can be used for a variety of reasons including a privacy wall, noise control, prevent soil erosion, or to simply beautify the area.  Think about the solution the shrub is expected to solve.  Shrubs can provide privacy to the occupants of the home.  They can also contain noise coming from your yard or neighbor’s yard.  Shrubs that are planted and mulched can prevent soil erosion because the root system can aid in securing the soil in place.  Sometimes the shrub’s sole purpose is to beautify your home or enhance your landscape.


Hopefully, the above factors will give you some insight next time you are ready to shop for shrubs.   Selecting the right shrubs for your landscape will not only enhance it but will most likely add value to your property.  Hope this helps you with your decision!



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